16 november 2005

Amandine - Album

The swedish band Amandine is out with their debut album "This Is Where Our Hearts Collide".

Influenced and inspired by both classic indie and traditional American Folk music, and with a perhaps more apparent inclination towards Alt. Country / Americana acts such as Songs:Ohia, Damien Jurado, Iron and Wine, or Crosby Stills Nash and Young, they nevertheless retain a keen sense of self, their songs perhaps reflecting more than anything a sense of rural space, a reflective ideology, and a natural leaning towards simply playing from the heart. ‘This Is Where Our Hearts Collide’ is nothing less than a solid body of deftly arranged songs; graceful, affecting and emotive, as rich and expressive in melody as it is in lyrical sentiment.

Halo (mp3)
Blood & Marrow (mp3)



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