24 november 2005

Me and This Army

16 cool Radiohead tracks has been remixed by artists such as: De La Soul and Jurassic 5.
The track list is as following:

01. Everything In Its Wrong Place
02. Idioteque Calisthenics (ft. gift of gab & cut chemist)
03. Change The Beat - MF Doom (pz wicket child remix)
04. Daytona 500 - Ghostface (panzah zandahz iron lung remix)
05. Rapperfection - Edan (ft. mr. lif. national anthem mash-up)
06. At Ease
07. Creep (ft. fred from fitter happier)
08. Me & This Army (ft. sev statik & a shitty mic)
09. D.D.T. - Kool Keith (panzah zandazh paperbag remix)
10. Itsoweezee - De La Soul (pz i will remix)
11. How Ya Want It - Jungle Brothers (pz punchup remix)
12. No Surprises (none at all really)
13. Sooo Tired14. You & What Army
15. Planet Telex Loop16. Paranoid Android

You can get the BitTorrent for downloading the album here.

by Martin Buhl


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