23 november 2005

Martha Wainwright

Two days ago I posted about upcomming gigs in Copenhagen. Today somebody asked me who that Martha Wainwright chick is and if she is really worth the 150 kr. All I can say is YES.

Martha is Rufus Wainwrights 29 year old sister and has just released her self entitled debut album. Dedicated docopenhagen users might even remember that Anbu linked Marthas song Bloody Motherfucking Asshole (mp3) a long time ago (still a classic).

Listen to Far Away (mp3), Watch the video When The Day Is Short (.mov) and/or listen to a Australian ABC studio session with Martha (mp3)

By the way... Martha is also performing at Kulturbolaget in Malmö on the 6th of December. Speaking of Kulturbolaget - My Morning Jacket is performing there on the 31th of January.


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