17 oktober 2005

London -The Docopenhagen visit

After a cool week in London this Docopenhagen editor would like to thank some people and give a bunch of shoutouts! First off all: Wall of Sound - cool people, cool office and the perfect example that 90'ish cokeheads didn't get left behind with empty heads, shaky hands and cut up The Shamen recs. THEY STILL RULE. That their latest act is from Denmark - the lovely and talented Diefenbach, just shows how a future set A&R mind works perfectly in todays UK Indie circles.

And lots of love from here to the main digital music zen - Scott Cohen (In the picture); managing The Raveonettes and founder of The Orchard, the worlds leading indie digital music distributor. It's no news to you dearest reader that digital music distribution is the way ahead - the new thing is to talk and react to it. Download, blog, be viral, and contribute whenever you can whereever you can. It's the Internet and gadget revolution 2.0. BABY! The Orchard is a key driver to this fantastic movement and a priceless key for all independent labels and acts. And props to The Courage for a blinding debut gig - some soulfull moments we had there. (but lads - a new site would be strongly recomended for digital survival!) Thats it, I'm out



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