17 oktober 2005


Get your friends to be in a band with you. Write spaced out folksy psychedelic songs. Play shambolic gigs. Move in together. Practice in cellar. Find out the house is haunted. Freak out. Move out. Find a disused Victorian swimming pool. Practice there. Sound evolves into dense guitar driven rock and roll. Gigs are more frequent and less chaotic. Support And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Idlewild, play the Carling stage at Leeds. Release first single – Superfuck, record session for XFM, tour with the 80's Matchbox Beeline disaster, 1live gig broadcast on Mary Anne Hobbes show, release second single - AvsCo10, sign to Matador, record first album in own studio - First Love, EP due out in November... Ladies and Gentlemen here is Seachange


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