18 juli 2007

Eagle*Seagull - 4 acoustic MP3s

Some of you might remember the video podcast we did with Eli Mardock from Eagle*Seagull back in February. I made an export of the sound and have been listening to it over and over again on my ipod for the last six months.

Today I finally got around to cutting the sound file up in four pieces and I really think that they worth a listen.

Eagle*Seagull - Heal/Feel it (acoustic) (mp3)
Eagle*Seagull - Hello, Never (acoustic) (mp3)
Eagle*Seagull - My Drug Buddy (acoustic / Lemonheads Cover) (mp3)
Eagle*Seagull - Death Could Be At the Door (acoustic) (mp3)

BTW - They have a new album coming out in early 2008 and you can listen to two of the tracks at their MySpace page.

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Anonymous Anonym said...

Thanks a lot for this acoustic goodness!

19 juli, 2007 09:16  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Those tracks are amazing and the sound quality is excellent - Thanks for sharing.

Love your site.

:) Helena

19 juli, 2007 10:18  
Blogger DoCopenhagen said...

Thanks a lot... i am happy that somebody enjoys them.

19 juli, 2007 10:20  
Anonymous Anonym said...

these are wonderful - i especially like the cover of drug buddy and the last one. thanks!

19 juli, 2007 20:58  

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