06 juli 2007

Roskilde Festival 2007 - Day 1

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

Arrived at the festival in pouring rain. Niels was already there eating sushi in the tent. That's the Roskilde Spirit.

We sat in the tent and drank a shit load of long canned beers, before we went to the Arcade Fire concert at the Arena stage. Needless to say, we were really up for it. Thomas wanted to see the Jens Lekman gig instead, but at the end he went with rest of the crew to Arcade Fire.

We went up front, because we wouldn't want to be squashed. Wrong decision. The guards had had too many joints this afternoon. They let way to many people into the "steel cage". It was terrible.

After an hour of waiting Arcade Fire entered the stage. They kicked off the show with "No Cars Go!" The sound was absolutely terrible, and it got even worse in the second song "Black Mirror". After that the sound got better and better, and after a slow mid-set, Arcade Fire ripped off the roof with 6-7 great songs mainly from Funeral. Of cause they finished off with Wake Up. Amazing.

All in all an alright performance, but the terrible sound and the lazy mid-set pulls down.

Arcade Fire - 3 out of 6

After the concert we moved backstage. Free beers in the Tuborg tent and the pouring rain outside, made us stay there for the rest of the night. (Apart from a quick glanse at Bjork on the orange stage, and Mastodon in the Arena - Awfull concerts, both of them)

See you tomorrow



Anonymous Anonym said...

i came all the way from new york to see denmark and roskilde for the first time. THE RAIN AND MUD WAS TOO MUCH. but I did see insanely great sets from CSS, Peter Bjorn and John, Grizzly Bear and Bondo Do Role. The danish are VERY attractive , even when covered in mud!

09 juli, 2007 00:56  
Anonymous Rottin' in Denmark said...

Oh too bad, you missed LCD Soundsystem. After trying to find the lyrics under the bass at Arcade Fire, I headed over to Odeon and was very very pleasantly surprised.

Good on ya for the Roskilde Spirit, though.

09 juli, 2007 18:58  

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