19 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 16 days to go

Queens of the stoneage - Friday, July 6th

The festival is just around the bend now, and boy we are looking forward to it. One of the most disapointing concerts I've witnessed on the orange stage ever, was QOTSA a couple of years ago. When they played a gig in Vega last year, the band stll remember how horrible their performance was. They excused the poor performance, and promissed that they would take revenge this year. I'm pretty sure that this years concert will be unforgettable.

QOTSA - Littlesister [mp3]
QOTSA - Someone's in the wolf [mp3]

QOTSA has just put out the album "Era Vulgaris". Check out the cover shoot for the album here:




Anonymous Jesper Sandvig Mariegaard said...

Should we guess on some guest performance by Mark Lanegan since he's there anyway? That would be excellent.

Also, check out Josh Homme's other project: the garage rockin' Eagles of Death Metal, visiting this years Roskilde Festival too. He is the drummer of this outfit.

19 juni, 2007 14:36  
Anonymous Nicolai said...

Also remember to check out their fab web site @ http://www.qotsa.com/ and see the follow up video.
(it's also @ http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid979189011/bclid987243607/bctid978988209

19 juni, 2007 17:20  
Blogger Christian Korsager said...

I am absolutely sure that Mark Lanegan will perform with them...

21 juni, 2007 11:53  

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