04 februar 2007

KBH360 - A user generated guide to Copenhagen

Our friends at Connecta has been busy building a user generated city-guide for AOK. I have been playing around with it for the last couple of hours and I must say that the result is absolutely brilliant.

For everybody living in Copenhagen - Head over to www.kbh360.dk and submit your favorite hangout.


Blogger Kristoffer said...

To me it looks like a copy of http://www.mitkbh.dk - difference?

04 februar, 2007 13:27  
Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

I think the deal is that Berlingske wants a piece of the 2.0 action.

Even though the UIs look pretty similar I think the kbh360 does a better job...

04 februar, 2007 16:27  

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