11 december 2006

The killers -A Great Big Sled + Bob Dylan 1975

This might be the first Christmas song this year that doesn't make my stomach turn.
You can probably find the mp3 at Hype Machine.

If you are a Dylan fan you should head over to Ryan's Smashing Life for a 1975 Bootleg Collection The Little White Wonder Volume 2 (unreleased bootleg album).


Blogger Ryan of the RSL blog said...

I do check in on new friends. Regards!

If you like Dylan 1975 - you will absolutely adore this....

It's the best Dylan bootleg I have. Period. It might be the best there is. ??

Dylan - live interview and acoustic session with Studs Terkel on WFMT radio 1963. Incrediblely clean sound - rare beyond rare...

And it's the first EVER recording of "Boots of Spanish Leather."

Thanks for linking - Ryan

The best Dylan recording ever>? - The RSL Blog

12 december, 2006 05:05  

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