10 december 2006

Kama Aina

The Danish video-duo UFEX has just completed a very slow and beautiful video for the Kama Aina song "Glasgow Sky". This is the second video UFEX has made for Rumraket (their last one was a stunning Cacoy video).

Kama Aina & Bill Wells - Glasgow Sky (You Tube)

Japanese Kama Aina released his fifth solo album "Club Kama Aina" on Rumraket in November in Europe. He is guested by Bill Wells, The Pastels and Isobel Campbell on the album and to our delight the album has been received very positive. Mojo Magazine (uk) just gave it 4 of 5 stars and proclaimed it 'bewitching' !

Kama Aina - Hotaru (mp3)

Buy it on dotshop.se
Buy it on iTunes


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