29 november 2006

Björn Kleihenz on friday + Country Covers

This has got to be the most secret concert in the history DoCopenhagen. Apparently the swedish troubadour Björn Kleinhenz i playing at Huset i Magstræde on friday. Nothing has been posted on the official website but Björn assured us that he will be there and so will we. I'll keep you updated when more details is announced.

This video is from a live concert in Basel in the spring.

Björn Kleihenz - Starlit Queen

You can still download the wonderful album "Pigbone 3000" for free over at It's A Trap.

Also found these cover tracks over at Kleinhenz.se

Björn Kleinhenz - Still Feeling Blue (Parsons Gram - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Delia´s Gone (Johnny Cash - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Please Don't Bury Me (John Prine - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Pancho And Lefty (Willie Nelson - Cover)

Kleinhenz on Hype Machine