23 marts 2006

Against The Light - A film festival goodie...!

Tomorrow night at the legendary Copenhagen Jazzhouse, danish punk jazzers Bugpowder (members from D:A:D + the late Swan Lee) will be performing an arty farty show, as background to the classic danish silent movie "Against The Light" - The entire show is a part off the Copenhagen NightFilm Festival, and part two will be held, same place, same sorroundings on march 29.th - thus this time with the sweedish favorites and ultra cool Midaircondo.
Oh Yeah - Bugpowder just released their album "Autoabsence" and oh yeah - Hip Hop mogul DJ Tue Track will pump up the turntables after the show.
To me this sounds like a F****** Amazing couple of nights!


Anonymous Russell said...

maybe i'll go to this. thanks!

24 marts, 2006 12:11  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Swan Lee suck d***

24 marts, 2006 20:21  

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