17 marts 2006

Josh Ritter - The Animal Years + Podcast

Even though there is something about Josh Ritter that is just to polished for my taste I can't help listening to his songs over and over again. His new album "The Animal Years" is no execption - I have been listening to this album all day and I have a feeling that I'll fall as much in love with this album as I have with his previous work.

Josh Ritter - Girl In The War (mp3)
Josh Ritter - Thin Blue Flame (mp3)

Also listen to these two podcasts from Paste Magazine with a Josh solo interview and a handful of live solo acoustic versions of songs both old and (especially) new.

Download Part 1 here: http://www.pastecultureclub.com/2006-02-25.htm
Download Part 2 here: http://www.pastecultureclub.com/2006-02-27.htm



Blogger music is art said...

thankyou so much for posting this, i love josh ritter. great job!

29 marts, 2006 21:41  

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