17 december 2005

The Sony DRM scandal is still rolling

Here is a short summery:

  • Sony puts software for digital rights management on their CDs.

  • It's found out that the software uses root kit technology witch is a normally only used by hackers and virus writers for hiding software on a computer.

  • Sony doesn’t respond to any of the complains.

  • It's found out that the software "calls" back to Sony, telling them what CD's that are played on the computer and if any illegal music is played.

  • Finally after several months Sony Calls back all CDs with DRM software on them.

  • As a reaction to the whole story the neo indie country rockers from My Morning Jacket are giving away burned copies of their latest album Z to everybody who emails them to complain about the DRM on their album.

I hope that Sony really regrets the whole story and that the record companies have learned a lesson. After almost ten years of fighting illigal distribution of digital music they are still making the same mistakes. Instead of being progressive and thinking in new ways they keep up their pathetic fight.

Martin Buhl


Blogger Emil Spangenberg said...

Let the debate begin. Copyright is an important issue here - I'm very much an open source kinda guy, but there is something called labour, man hours and economy in a second layer below the copyright term. Artists of all sorts put a lot of work into their arts - we simply can't pretend that the world can go around by free bees. Some off the biggest illigal downloaders are usually System adm., Programmers, og IT corporate dudes, and i bet ya, you guys wouldn't stay if your boss tried a new tehory called "No Pay, No rights and no safety" There is a middle way here - and the record business hass to step up the game - but stealing is still stealing - and to pretend otherwise is naive and plain out stupid.

17 december, 2005 18:05  
Blogger Martin said...

Just found this post on BoingBoing. It demostrates my point in practice. The industry just don't get it.

01 januar, 2006 12:47  

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