12 november 2005

Specialten DVD # 11

Specialten is a bi-monthly collections of short films, music videos and exclusive interviews.

The content for issue 11 includes:

COCO ROSIE - Sat in beautiful parkland we talk to Coco Rosie; the Casady sisters, Sierra and Bianca. Born in Iowa and Hawaii respectively, the girls grew up apart until fate brought them together again in 2003. Once disconnected, they are now inseparable.

ANTICON - Founded in 1998 a loose collective of longtime friends and near strangers bound together by poetics and a love of Hip Hop, the Anticon label is home for Doseone, Jel and Alias, amongst many others. The label has always been held in great regard by any who really know the genre. This excerpt of footage from a forthcoming film by The Listen Collective is just a tiny look through a crack in the door.

And lots more ...

Watch a preview or Buy it at dotshop.se



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