11 november 2005

The Lovekevins

Swedish The Lovekevins makes some of the catchiest rock/pop music. They have a new EP out called: "Max Léon". They have uploaded one mp3 for us to enjoy and the old EP "Blame The English" is still up for download.

Soviet.se(mp3) / Blame The English(mp3) / Stop Being Perfect(mp3) / Happy Happy(mp3)



Blogger Kevin said...

This has to be the best name for a band -- EVER.



14 november, 2005 00:22  
Anonymous Paul said...

Mr. Narcissus, what's the trip? Excellent band though! Effortless, elegant, sublime even. Bedroom by bedroom, these guys will take over the world.

29 november, 2005 18:33  

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