30 november 2007

The Raveonettes: Dead Sound

I love this track from the new Lust Lust Lust lp.

29 november 2007

Copenhagen concerts

There's no excuse for beeing home tonight. You can buy me a big beer at Loppen. See you!

Huset i Magstræde - kl 21:30. 80 DKK
Familjen - Nån gång [mp3]
Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle (Cat Burglar remix) [mp3]

Shout Out Louds
Lille Vega - kl 21:00. 170 DKK
Shout Out Louds - You are dreaming [mp3]
Shout Out Louds - Impossible [mp3]

Okkervil River
Loppen - kl 21:00. 80 DKK
Okkervil River - April Anne (Daytrotter live session) [mp3]
Okkerville River - Real [mp3]

The National
Tomorrow in Amager Bio - Sold out
The National - Slow show [mp3]
The National - Brainy [mp3]


BTW: The warm up act for Okkervil River, sounds pretty f.... amazing to me. Why haven't I heard about these fellow Danes before? http://www.myspace.com/therisktakerbobleflambeur

27 november 2007

Hello Seahorse! Won't Say Anything

19 november 2007

Seu Jorge - Life on Mars

18 november 2007

Tilde: Multiply

My old friend Tilde from The College Of Education has become a lap top queen with a nice album out, and a very cool video for her first single Multiply. Check out her Myspace.

07 november 2007

Modest Mouse - People As Places As People

Wonderful new video from Modest mouse, about a girl's boyfriend who looks like at tree.

I can't wait...

...for tonight! Arcade Fire in KB Hallen in Copenhagen. You can find your local DoCopenhagen reporter in the bar as always.

06 november 2007

Rolling Stone Magazine Covers

For media and magazine nostalgics like myself - this collection of Rolling Stone Magazine classic Covers is pure Looove...


02 november 2007

!!! : Yadnus

I love it when dead animals do the falsetto... This video is great.