18 november 2007

Tilde: Multiply

My old friend Tilde from The College Of Education has become a lap top queen with a nice album out, and a very cool video for her first single Multiply. Check out her Myspace.


Blogger Fabio Luiz said...

Yeah let's multiply. nice.
here's a music tip directly from my country, Brazil. This band is rocking in many festivals in the world now. CSS - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7agPOt1XZz8

19 november, 2007 05:55  
Blogger Anders Buhl said...

Thank You Fabio. CSS are already big stars in Denmark. I gave them a 6 star review in Soundvenue when they played Roskilde earlier this year.
You can see the review right, here although it's in danish!


Hope everything is cool in Brazil!


19 november, 2007 22:53  
Blogger Fabio Luiz said...

I saw the review! Very nice. Takk Anders! Jag talar en lite svenska därför jag förstår en bara lite dansk. I didn't know CSS had already played Roskilde though.

I remember first hearing about this festival a long time ago when my favorite band at the time was playing there: the smashing pumpkins. It was 1997! Since then I've been following Roskilde's programmes and it has always had great acts year after year. I really want to go to this festival someday when I can save some extra money. =)

Big cheers to all the folks in Danmark!

20 november, 2007 21:38  

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