30 september 2007

Tiny Masters Of Today - Radio Riot

So Young So Innocent So Rock N' Roll

29 september 2007

Softlightes: Heart Made Of Sound

This San Diego band is absolutly amazing. And their debut album Say No! To Being Cool, Say Yes! To Being Happy aswell.


27 september 2007

Band of horses on KCRW

One of my favorite bands, Band of horses stopped by my all time favorite radioshow "Morning becomes eclectic" the other day, to play some tracks from the comming album (In stores October 5th) They also play some of the wonderful tracks from the old album "Everything all the time". Fx. Wicked Gil and The funeral.

Band of horses on morning becomes eclectic




25 september 2007

Jens Lekman - New video

Wonderful video for one of my least favorite tracks on the new album.

Sipping On The Sweet Nectar


18 september 2007

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle



This is cool!

12 september 2007

Theese United States @ CMJ?

Our good freinds on the other side of the atlantic - Theese United States - are in a race for the prize, to win a lovely showcase at this years CMJ in New York City. Besides the fact that this band is fucking amazing, and they just posted a new great track at their Myspace, it would be nice to show them some "Blogger Love" and help them reach the greatest city in the world.

Vote - http://amiestreet.com/contest/1

Listen - http://www.myspace.com/theseunited



07 september 2007


Ave try to lyrically raise classic themes to a spiritualistic, dreaming level. They create compositions which vary from imaginative & condensed themes to acoustic elements with an inward-looking search and sudden vigorous explosions. This way -smouldering in the underground- Ave create their own soundlevel. Crackling sounds, treble strings & voice makes the 17'th century's classical style come alive in a new updated version. When playing live Ave use accessories inspired by the 1930'ies. The listener is thrown back into a comfortable thirties jazzclub-style - yet with music from quite a different universe.

-A slowly drowning classical ensemble, posthumously covered by a precious little indie-pop outfit, and then resurrected ninety years later by trip-hop band Portishead
Or if Sigur Ros wrote an album in a Manhattan storm while going through the final stages of drug rehabilitation for opium.-

Enjoy the music and enjoy the silence...