07 september 2007


Ave try to lyrically raise classic themes to a spiritualistic, dreaming level. They create compositions which vary from imaginative & condensed themes to acoustic elements with an inward-looking search and sudden vigorous explosions. This way -smouldering in the underground- Ave create their own soundlevel. Crackling sounds, treble strings & voice makes the 17'th century's classical style come alive in a new updated version. When playing live Ave use accessories inspired by the 1930'ies. The listener is thrown back into a comfortable thirties jazzclub-style - yet with music from quite a different universe.

-A slowly drowning classical ensemble, posthumously covered by a precious little indie-pop outfit, and then resurrected ninety years later by trip-hop band Portishead
Or if Sigur Ros wrote an album in a Manhattan storm while going through the final stages of drug rehabilitation for opium.-

Enjoy the music and enjoy the silence...



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