31 marts 2007

Ed Banger Records

Check out some cool graphic from Europes coolest record label Ed Banger Records.

27 marts 2007

The Shins live on New York Noise

The National

The National is one of my favorite bands, and judged from the single "Fake Empire", the new forthcomming album is going to be fantastic.

The National - Fake Empire (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )

Here's some older tunes for the iPod while we wait...

The National – Slipping Husband (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – 90-Mile Water Wall (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – Murder Me Rachel (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – Karen (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – All The Wine (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – Mr. November (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )
The National – Secret Meeting (Link to mp3 removed - request by Big Hassle Management )

A big thank you to á la discotheque for most of the MP3's.

23 marts 2007

New album from Pelle Carlberg

I've really looked forward to the new Pelle Carlberg album "In a nutshell". It ships from today, and before you buy, you can listen to the whole album for free on Last.fm. It sounds just as great as I have hoped for.


22 marts 2007

Bum Rush The Charts Day - Today

Today the 22nd of marts is Bum Rush The Charts Day.

"On March 22nd, 2007 we are going to strike fear into the hearts of the music industry and make an independent music artist #1 on iTunes"

Eventhough I don't like the song that much I just bought it because it's such a cool idea.


The Raveonettes

Check out this lo-fi video for the B-side track Experiment In Black by the Raveonettes and listen to a new track I Konw That You Want, from the forth comming album on their Myspace.

19 marts 2007

Hooray For Earth

Boston band Hooray For Earth has made a damn good debut album. Check out some tracks on their Myspace site. And watch the video for 'How Are You Here'.

16 marts 2007

As in Rebekka @ RUST

While the rest of the world is hanging out at SXSW - we here in Denmark are enjoying the coming of spring (as long as it lasts).

As in Rebekka haven't realeased an album (or even a single yet) but is booked for both Roskilde Festival and SPOT festival. I Have been listening to the Super Troels remix of her song "Cowboy Boy" relegiously for last month and I highly recomend everybody in Copenhagen to swing by her late night concert at RUST next saturday (24th of Marts).


As In RebekkaMaria - Cowboy Boy (SuperTroels Remix)(mp3)

BTW - The SuperTroels album I Know That You Know is out two days later on the 26th of Marts.

13 marts 2007

There's something going on in Odense

The capital of the island Fyn, Odense, in the bulls eye of Denmark, is pretty indie theese days. A lot of interesting things is going on with plenty of young bands with great ideas, great visions and first of all great songs. Check some of them out for yourself right here. I'll say that Odense is the next big thing. First they gave us H C. Andersen, now it's time for Rock n' Roll...

The Spy In the Mes

Arndt y Benno

The Kissaway Trail


Causa Sui


11 marts 2007

Speaking of springtime...

Teenage Fanclub: The Concept

The sky is blue, and so are you....It's springtime in Copenhagen ladies and gentlemen.

08 marts 2007

The Figurines - Back In The Day (Video)

As I reported back in November - Brad and Aaron was working on the video for The Figurines track "Back In The Day". Now the video is finished and the result is just fatastic. Enjoy.


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07 marts 2007

Clemens Kogler

Check out Clemens Kogler's fine bodypart video for 'Herr Bar' by electroguy Clark. Click here!
And watch some of Kogler's stuff here!

05 marts 2007

Trentemøller "Video"

Lovely stylish video made with the open source software Processing.

Watch it

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Ane Brun - The Dancer (PJ Harvey Cover)

Check out this cover of PJ Harvey's "The Dancer" by Swedish song bird Ane Brun.

Ane is playing SXSW this year and is later on this spring doing a massive danish tour with 11 gigs around the country. She is even playing in AA with Teitur - So Brad you might have an excuse to leave the farm...

Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go (mp3)


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01 marts 2007

The Spy In The Mes

The Spy In The Mes from Odense, Denmark has made an absolutely fabulous debut with 11 songs of pop, punk, garage and some other unidentified shout outs... Check it out on ther Myspace. These guys rock!