13 marts 2007

There's something going on in Odense

The capital of the island Fyn, Odense, in the bulls eye of Denmark, is pretty indie theese days. A lot of interesting things is going on with plenty of young bands with great ideas, great visions and first of all great songs. Check some of them out for yourself right here. I'll say that Odense is the next big thing. First they gave us H C. Andersen, now it's time for Rock n' Roll...

The Spy In the Mes

Arndt y Benno

The Kissaway Trail


Causa Sui



Anonymous Anonym said...

you forgot another great Danish band:


14 marts, 2007 13:31  
Blogger Manu ™ said...

next september i will go to study in Copenhage!

14 marts, 2007 20:02  
Blogger Anders Buhl said...

Hey Manu!
Cool, hopefully you'll have a nice time here. Your welcome to contact us for details about venues and stuff.

15 marts, 2007 16:30  

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