30 juli 2006

Bonnie Prince Billy: Cursed Sleep (Music Video)

Check out the new Bonnie Prince Billly video to the first single from the forthcomming album. I never really understood what the hell's wrong with mr. Bonnie, but something is deffently wrong...

Cursed Sleep (Music Video)

27 juli 2006

Malajube - Montréal -40° C (music video)

Another very cool streetart/video mixup. This one is by Malajube.
Malajube - Montréal -40° C (.mov)

If you like the track as well.
Malajube - Montréal -40° C (mp3)


Found it on my favorite blog: www.woostercollective.com

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It (mp3)

Back in 2003 CK and I where listening religiously to "Echoes" by The Rapture.

Now they are back with a new album comming out on September 12th. They have been working with producers Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Futureheads) and Ewan Pearson (Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Gwen Stefani).

Check out the first single “Get Myself Into It”

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It (mp3)


25 juli 2006

The OK Go Dances With You(Tube) Contest

If You are a fan, and a cool dancer from somewhere deserted and wierd - here's your chance to see a real city and a very very cool band. Go put on them shoes my brother....!

Pete Thompson

Christian introduced me to Björn Kleinhenz and his wonderful EP "Pigbone 3000" over a year ago. What I didn't know was that he made the EP together with Pete Thompson. According to Swedeplease he has an album comming out sometime this year -I'll keep you updated.

Pete Thompson - Down The Road (mp3)
Pete Thompson - Late (mp3)
Pete Thompson - Heaven Can Wait (mp3)


Download Pigbone 3000 for free on archive.org

South By South West

Here's a small appetizer from this years SXSW Festival.

21 juli 2006

Sufjan Stevens Live at Vega

Wonderboy Sufjan Stevens is visiting Copenhagen on the 12th of November. Tickets are up for sale on monday.


Sufjan on KCRW (.ram)

Stream the album "The Avalanche"(.mov)


The Sky Drops

While I was on vacation I received an EP from The Sky Drops. It's a nice mixture of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Radiohead kind of thing and apparently everybody was blogging about this band back in may - go do your own reseach.

The Sky Drops - Now Would Be (mp3)
The Sky Drops - Green To Red (mp3)


If you like The Sky Drops you probably also like Monica Bullette who is 50% of the band.

Monica Bullette - Bare To The Sun (mp3)
Monica Bullette - The Laziest Gal In Town (mp3)


19 juli 2006

The Knife live performance

Check out this spectacular live performance by The Knife! The audio stream is recorded by the Swedish radio P3 in Gothenburg in late April. Please please please, come and visit Copenhagen soon...

The Knife live from Gothenburg (ram)


We Gathered In Spring (Midlake Live Show Background Video)

Again sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of weeks. I have been away on a little vacation with Martin. I have also been chained to my bed the last couple of days with the cold from hell.

Anyways you should head over to Gorilla Vs. Bear and download the Cassettes Won't Listen's remix of the Midlake track "Young Bride" - good stuff...

08 juli 2006

The Horrors: Sheena is a Parasite

My all time favourite director Mr. Chris Cunningham has done a new nasty video. This time it's only rock n' roll...but I like it.

The Horrors : Sheena is a Parasite (Music video)

07 juli 2006

Unreleased Ray Lamontagne stuff

Yes I know I've written about this guy a couple of times before, but I just can't stop listening to his simple folk songs...
Our frinds over at Fuel friends, have posted a whole lot of unreleased material. Check out these goodies, and if you like what you here, download the zip-files containing 51 songs in total! Some of the songs are pretty lo-fi, but there's just so much nerve in them anyway.

Ray Lamontagne - Heaven is a honkytonk (mp3)

Ray Lamontagne - Live and unreleased (Zip-file / 19 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - Green Demo (Zip-file / 10 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - Acre of land Bootleg (Zip-file / 11 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - One lonesome saddle (Zip-file / 11 Songs)


04 juli 2006

Roskilde Festival - We're back

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. We had a great time at the Roskilde Festival and we are currently working on a post... Until then check out some of the pictures we shot during the last week.

Thomas Roskilde Festival Photos
Martins Roskilde Festival Photos
Christians Roskilde Festival Photos
Anders Roskilde Festival Photos
Matthiesens Roskilde Festival Photos