04 januar 2007

Josh Ritter - In The Dark

I recieved my copy of the new Josh Ritter live album "In The Dark" today. The album is as I expected great and will one of those records that you can just listen to over and over again. I also spend my evening watching the DVD which is the live recording and an interview with Josh. Watching this material really took me back to the best concert of the year here in Copenhagen. (yes better than The Knife) - come and visit us again soon - Josh.

Josh Ritter - Good Man (Live) (mp3)

If you are a fan of Josh you should head over to www.roadrecs.com and buy the album - it is worth every cent.

If you are too cheap to buy the album - Doug Rice has a lo-fi 22 track recording of a show from the Paradise Rock Club (Boston December 11 2004) up on his fan site. This recording has one thing that I miss from the "In The Dark" recording - A live version of one of my all time favorite tracks "Golden Age of Radio"

Josh Ritter - Golden Age of Radio (Live) (mp3)

Also check out this alternative video recording of "Thin Blue Flame" from Olsson's Books and Records in Washington D.C.

BTW - This is what Steven King had to say about "The Animal Years" when he voted it the best album of 2006 (if that counts for anything...)

"The best album of the year in a walk, and maybe the best album I've heard in the last five. Mysterious, melancholy, melodic...and those are only the M's. Songs like ''Girl in the War'' simply do not leave the consciousness once they're heard, but the album's real gem is the strange and gorgeous ''Thin Blue Flame.'' This is the most exuberant outburst of imagery since Bob Dylan's ''A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall,'' in 1963. The Animal Years is an amazing accomplishment."

See the rest of his list.


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