05 november 2006

Pétur Ben

It's been a slow week for me in the music department, but today I downloaded 3 songs from the debut album of Pétur Ben. Pétur is the guitarist for Icelandic singersong/writer Mugison budefinitelyly has the talent to go all the way on his own. (via Soundvenue)

Pétur Ben - White Tiger (mp3)
Pétur Ben - Something Radical (mp3)


BTW - don't Christmas dinner plans on the 1tDecemberember - Björn Kleinhenz is in town...


Blogger Josh said...

I've just recently discovered his music and it's amazing. You wouldn't happen to have his whole album downloaded, would you? I've looked all over the place to buy it or download it and I can't find it anywhere, hah.

If you do have it, I'd love if you could send it to me at joshschirle@comcast.net - thanks so much!

19 juni, 2007 00:10  

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