13 august 2006

Please Help Erik Levander

Rasmus from Rumraket asked us if we could post the following:

"Please help Erik Levander and Rumraket to recover his harddisk! Donate some money, so this friendly swede can finish his detailed, partly insane and beautifully weaved together splash of electronica, melodic glitch and noise music. Erik Levander is signed to Rumraket and we cant wait to get to release his second full lenght album, unfortunately the album has been heavily delayed due to a harddisk crash. Erik cant afford to repair his disk and neither can Rumraket.

This is why we now ask all lovers of eccentric beauty to give us a hand! All donations over 14 euros will be rewarded with a signed version of the album, when it is released and the donators names will also be mentioned in the album artwork. But all donations no matter how small or big are very welcome! The cost to repair the harddisk is 1200 euros. We hope this works out!"

More info and a free download at: www.rumraket.net/erik-donation

If you are in Copenhagen on the 31th of August the "The Erik Levander Hardisc Recovery DJ Team" and "Master Fatman" will be playing from 18.00 - 24.00 at Jazzcup.


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