31 oktober 2005

Jens Lekman - Oh you're so silent Jens

After a disappointing 2. album from Tiger Lou, Jens Lekman must now be the Crown Prince of Sweden. This album is going to be a classic. I have been listening to the these three tracks for the last couple of days and the are nothing less but fabulous.

Black Cab (mp3)
I Saw Her In The Anti-War Demonstration (mp3)
A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill (mp3)

Video:You The Lights (Video - Ram)

Also go crazy at: The Department Of Forgotten Songs



Blogger Christian Korsager said...

I totally agree! Absolutely fabulous album.

01 november, 2005 08:49  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I actually find the new
Tiger Lou album quite alright! Needs a bit of tolerent listening though!

01 november, 2005 12:07  

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