23 april 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy

I feel like it's time to make a little Bonnie Prince Billy update. That guy is just releasing records at rocket speed isn't he? I haven't had the chance to listen to his new critically acclaimed album "Beware", but judged from the first single "I Am Goodbye" it's really promissing. As on his last album "Lie down in the light" the album is a bit more uptempo and light than the old albums "I see a darkness" etc.

Bonnie Prince Billy's duet with Indie folk singer Scout Niblett, is one of the greatiest songs so far this year. Just amazing!



21 april 2009

Jens Lekman vs. The Sweptaways

I love the new video from Jens Lekman & The Sweptaways

There's no news on if this collaboration is a one time thing or what, I guess we just have to wait and see.