30 juli 2008

New KOL album on it's way

... And judged from the first single, I'm really looking forward to it:

Kings of Leon - Crawl

Via: iguessimfloating.blogspot.com

21 juli 2008

M83 at Morning Becomes Eclectic. Click here to watch! Can't wait for the show at Loppen the 8th of Oct.


16 juli 2008

New stuff from Pelle

Pelle Carlberg's last album "In a nutshell" was one of my favorite pop albums of 2006. A new PC album will hit the streets August 27th - I can't wait for a batch of new melancholic everyday stories from the swedish suburbs.

Here's the first single:

Pelle Carlberg - 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)



09 juli 2008

Roskilde '08 in short

Back home again from the absolutely amazing Roskilde '08.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the programme this year because of the lack of super bands like Metallica, Tool and Iron Maiden. I think it's the last time we've seen a Roskilde Festival beeing built up around these super bands. Gigantic, expensive and most of the times horrible concerts in places like Horsens have pushed the band prices up. Roskilde Festival simply can't compete with these big events. Like I see it Roskilde is in a tight spot, they didn't even sell all the tickets. 8000 was left!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Roskilde Festival took the chance and placed performers like Tina Dickow, L.O.C and Teitur on the Orange main stage. Not a good idea to say at least. None of the above mentioned artists delivered anything more than expected. The sunday programme speaked for it self really: Tina Dickow, Slayer, Bob Hund, Jay-Z. Only Slayer is really an orange stage band, and even though that Jay-Z surprisingly actually pulled the difficult closing act off, in the end this must be the weakest sunday line ups we've ever seen.

Because of the rather thin Orange stage programme, the tent stages were packed all the time. Especially the Odeon stage was way too busy.

Never the less Roskilde '08 was the best Roskilde experience I've had since my festival debut in '97. And why is that? Well, For me personally, the programme was perfect. Garnished with absolutely astonishing weather and the company of really nice people, this festival was destined to succeed for me. I don't think there's anywhere in the world where you can succesfully blend 100.000 people such a small area, and still don't have any trouble with violence. People take care of each other - and that's really what the festival is all about.

The "Less trash - more music" campaign was also a success. People actuallly used the containers this year leaving a much cleaner venue behind.

The best musical experiences for me this year was:

Neil Young
Kings of Leon
Band of Horses

And yes I know - Not too many of the small concerts mentioned. But like I mentioned earlier on, there was just too packed in the small tents. Instead I used my spare time to get up front on the Orange stage.

Memorable pocket cam moments from the festival:


Kings of leon

Neil Young

My Bloody Valentine

Band of horses


Bonnie "Prince" Billy