28 maj 2008

Den Sorte Skole

I'm all about "Den Sorte Skole" at the moment - http://www.myspace.com/densorteskole

27 maj 2008

Bonnie for your pod!

I really like the new Bonnie Prince Billy album "Lie down in the light".

Try before you buy (Som vi siger hos DoCopenhagen):

Bonnie Prince Billy - You remind me of something
Bonnie Prince Billy - You want that picture
Bonnie Prince Billy - Easy does it



22 maj 2008

Friendly Fires "Paris"

Now this is a fucking great song!

Friendly Fires Myspace

Daytrotter sessions archive

For years I've been a heavy user of the Daytrotter series on daytrotter.com. But I'm not sure I've ever linked Daytrotter here on DoCopenhagen. But hey, better late than never. You can listen to hours of live sessions with all your favorite bands right here:


Right now I'm warming up for the Roskilde Festival 2008 by listening to the Bonnie Prince Billy session from 2006



21 maj 2008

Yael Naim - New Soul

Not News - Just a fucking great song on a great day...!

09 maj 2008

Langhorn Slim

Amazing new album from the amazing Langhorn Slim! You can listen to the whole album via Cnet's download.com