29 april 2008

Mostly Bears: Stop Motion Music Video


27 april 2008



25 april 2008

Free MP3 from Björn

The Swedish folk troubadour Björn Kleinhenz has put up a free mp3 from his highly recommendable new album "Quietly happy and deep inside"

The Quest for your Heart

For more info and tons of other free downloads, go to: www.kleinhenz.se

24 april 2008

The Style Press Muxtape 2

The Style Press's mixtapes are highly recommendable. Gi'me music!

18 april 2008

Shed Seven - On Stand By

08 april 2008

Can't wait for the new album. Click above to watch the new video.


07 april 2008

Tivoli program revealed

Plænen in Tivoli must be the worst venue in Copenhagen. The sound is shit, the beers are non alcoholic and absurdly over priced, and worst of all: There is no crowd control. 40.000 spectators when there's clearly only room for max 20.000, come on... It will only be a matter of time before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Tivoli's 2008 music program has been revealed. The world's best live band The Flaming Lips will play at Plænen August 8th.

Denmark's greatest band through the last 40 years Gnags will play the week after.

You can see the rest of the program here.

05 april 2008

Frightened Rabbit: Head Rolls Off

This is my new favourite band. Their brilliant new album ' The Midnight Organ Fight' is out soon.