27 oktober 2007

The Kissaway Trail: 61

A wet love story from Odense

26 oktober 2007

Black Friday - Aqua reunite

This is exactly why I hate everything about the Danish music industry.
It's pathetic...

More here (In Danish)

24 oktober 2007

Okkervil River concert

I can't wait for the Okkervil River concert at Loppen, November 29th. Buy your ticket at billetlugen, It's only 80,-

Okkervil River on Conan:

21 oktober 2007

Radiohead: 01 and 10

16 oktober 2007

Clarky Cat: Sightline

Hopefully this will be the end of new rave...

09 oktober 2007

Control Win Butler

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (Interactive video)


Band og horses - Cease to begin

The new Band of horses album is released today. Check out some of the new wonderful tracks on their MeSpace, or head over to the iTunes music store to buy the whole album.



08 oktober 2007

Efterklang release party in Copenhagen, Friday 12th Oct

The new album "Parades" from Efterklang sounds very promising. Head over to Global this Friday for the release party feat. 4 miniconcerts w. Peter broderick(US,Type Rec. ), Frederik teige, Our Broken Garden, + surprise act.... and free Millers from 19.00...

01 oktober 2007

Thumps Up Radiohead