31 august 2007

Jimi Hendrix on Fire

Some people just have too much time on their hands...

29 august 2007

Nodern: Oh Diamond, Diamond

This video is wired as hell. What the fuck is that crazy creature about...? Watch it here!

28 august 2007

The Raveonettes: One Day At A Time

Our own darlings with a cute little cover of the old John Lennon song. This song is a part of the new Amnesty campaign, check it out here!
The new Raveonettes album 'Lust Lust Lust' will be out this November. Check out their Myspace.

24 august 2007

Okkervil River @ Loppen

My favorite band in the world (at the moment) Okkervil River is playing at Loppen here in Copenhagen on the 29th of November. Tickes are not for sale yet but the gig is announced on the band website.

While we wait check out this acoustic version of "Song of our so-called friend" produced by La Blogothèque .

More okkervil River on Hype Machine.

23 august 2007

Animal Collective: Peacebone

Amazing video for the new single from Animal Collective. The album will be out September 10th.

22 august 2007

The Go! Team: Grip Like A Vice

The new The Go! Team album Proof Of Youth is coming out very soon and I tell you guys, it rocks! There's a lot of great guest stars like Chuck D and Marina from Bonde Do Role. Check it out, whenever it's out.

20 august 2007


We don't usually post commercials on DoCopenhagen, but this one from danish designer Mads Nørgaard is pretty cool. I mean the song is pretty cool. One of the old danish punk band The Sods' greatest tracks 'Copenhagen' in a new version, with a little help from Marie Fisker, Djuna Barnes, Thomas Barfod and Trentemøller.

18 august 2007

Efterklang - New Album

A 1 minute preview video for the new Efterklang album - Powerful stuff...

Etiketter: , ,

15 august 2007

Fagget Fairys @ Strøm

I really don't care much for the Strøm Festival going on this week in Copenhagen... But I think that I might check out Fagget Fairys at Enghave Parken on friday (21.45).

Sick and tired of not being able to download every tune from MySpace? Use MySpaceMP3.org

12 august 2007

Low - Hatchet (Optimimi version)

10 august 2007


Remember The Strøm Festival next week, if your in Copenhagen and you dig electronica. Check out the blog and program here www.stromcph.dk

Loney, Dear: Saturday Waits

The brilliant Loney Noir lp keeps on growing. This video is not an exception.

09 august 2007

Okkervil River - The Stage Names

Since the new album "The Stage Names" from Okkervil River came out two days ago I haven't been able to listen to anything else.

Listen to this track and go buy the album - You won't regret it...

Okkervil River - Plus Ones (mp3)

If you are new to this band you HAVE TO buy the album "Black Sheep Boy" - It is one of the best albums ever...

Also check out William Schaff. He is the very talented artist who has done all the covers for Okkervil River. I personally just spend an hour on his Flickr site.