29 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 countdown - 6 days to go

Cold War Kids - Friday, July 6th

I must admit that I havn't given Cold War Kids a fair chance before last week when I bought the album Robbers and cowards. It's a really cool album, and if it wasn't for the absolutely astonishing Interpol concert in Copenhagen wednesday, the album would be on heavy rotation on my iPod. Cold war kids will play the Pavillion stage friday night at 1:00, right after the Queens of the stoneage concert at the orange stage (And The Flaming Lips).

Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
Cold War Kids - Red Wine, Success!



28 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 7 days to go

The Beastie Boys who also gonna rock Roskilde have a Flickr feed where they post pics from the road as they tour with their new album. Che Che Che Check it Out..!

Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies (Count Bass D Remix)

26 juni 2007

Roskilde Festival - Best of Pavilion Jr.

For those of you who are heading of to Roskilde this sunday and have a chance to enjoy the lesser known acts at Pavilion Jr. - Check out the wonderful guide and sampler over at emodreng & indiepige

Figurines - Hey, Girl (mp3)

New track from the upcoming album "When The Deer Wore Blue" - Sounds promising.

Figurines - Hey, Girl (.mp3)

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Roskilde Countdown - 9 days to go

I am not a big jazz fan. But Søren highly recommended that I should check out Nostalgia 77 on Thursday night (22.00).

It might be a nice warm up before Dullen & Dyken at 23.00.

Nostalgia 77 (White Stripes Cover)- Seven Nation Army (mp3) - via coverfreak


24 juni 2007

Bright Eyes: Hot Knives

22 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 13 days to go

Whitest Boy Alive - Saturday, July 7th

I went to the Roskilde 2007 warm-up in Amager bio a couple of monts ago. Whitest boy alive was the main act, and I must say that it was a really good concert. There is just something about Erlend Oye...


And yes, the official Roskilde 07 program is here. It looks great! Such a shame that Arcade Fire and Jens Lekman plays at the same time though.

21 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 countdown - 15 days to go

Arctic Monkeys - Sunday, July 8th

I had my doubts about the new Arctic Monkey album before it was released, but once again I must say that I'm deaply impressed by these young guys. I think that the new album is even better than the first one, and I can't wait to see them live again this year.

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent [mp3]
Arctic Monkeys - Cigarette Smoker Fiona [mp3]


I stumpled upon this 97 page complette PDF-guide to this years Roskilde festival. It's written by Carsten Olesen. Get it here (In Danish)

19 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 16 days to go

Queens of the stoneage - Friday, July 6th

The festival is just around the bend now, and boy we are looking forward to it. One of the most disapointing concerts I've witnessed on the orange stage ever, was QOTSA a couple of years ago. When they played a gig in Vega last year, the band stll remember how horrible their performance was. They excused the poor performance, and promissed that they would take revenge this year. I'm pretty sure that this years concert will be unforgettable.

QOTSA - Littlesister [mp3]
QOTSA - Someone's in the wolf [mp3]

QOTSA has just put out the album "Era Vulgaris". Check out the cover shoot for the album here:



16 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 19 days to go

Even though I have seen The Flaming Lips performing live a few times before this is definetly the band that I least want to miss at this years Roskilde Festival.

This clip is from Glastonbury '03.

Also check out these amazing live photos

Digitalism: Pogo

My Ipod love these german guys these days, and especially this track...

15 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 20 days to go

Jeans Team - Thursday, July 5th

Jeans Team are a Berlin, Germany based electronic music group. The group started as a duo as a video art performance group. By 1997, Gunter Kreis and Henning Watkinson are added to complete the quartet. In 2002, they recorded a session for John Peel radio show. Various members of the ensemble perform DJ sets, particularly in Berlin. - Wikipedia

Jeans Team on HypeMachine



14 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 countdown - 21 days to go

Loney Dear - Saturday, July 7th

Swedish powerpop. Good stuff. One of those concerts that might be surprisingly good...

Loney Dear - I am John [mp3]



ArtRebels recordlaunch @ Månefiskeren

The wonderful people over at ArtRebels is having their first record launch on the 28th of june @ Månefiskeren.... More info here. Listen to a few of the tracks from the album: ArtRebels.com

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13 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 22 days to go

The National - Saturday, July 7th

The National's newest album Boxer is one of the best albums so far this year. The National is also one of the best live albums in the world. Needless to say, this is one of the absolute must see concerts this year.

Check out The National on Hype Machine

The National's website

12 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 23 days to go

Jens Lekman - Thursday, July 5th

It has been a hard time being a Jens Lekman fan in Denmark, as Jens is pretty much using all his time in foreign countries like Cambodja and Brazil. Jens haven't visited Denmark for ages, but now we will finally have the chance to sing along with the young Swedish crooner. If you for some unknown reason miss the concert, you can also see Jens Lekman in Aarhus in august. More on Pop Revos site.

You gotta love lyrics like these:

"If you ever need a stranger
To sing at your wedding
A last minute choice
Then I am your man

I know every song, you name it
By Bacharach or David
Every stupid lovesong
That's ever touched your heart

Every power ballad that's ever
Climbed the charts"


"Oh silvia, I was dancing to Michael Jackson
oh silvia, when I heard your german accent"

Jens Lekman - You are the light
Jens Lekman - If you ever need a stranger (to sing at your wedding)
Jens Lekman - Black Cab

13 free Jens Lekman MP3's here



11 juni 2007

Jaconfetti - Hold Nu Kay (Video)

Directed by Katja Philip.

Via artrebels.blogspot.com



Roskilde 2007 countdown - 24 days to go

The Soulsavers - Saturday

One of the must sees this year is definitely The Soulsavers. I'm really into the new album "It's not how far you fall, it's how you land". Never have I heard Hip Hop, Gospel, Rock and Country blended so nice together. Mark Lanegan, who also provides vocals to 8 of the tracks on the album, will also join Soulsavers on the stage in Roskilde.

Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan - Kingdom of rain [mp3] (Thanks for the link Indielaundry)


09 juni 2007

Good Copy Bad Copy

If you haven't watched the documentary "Good Copy Bad Copy" I highly recommend that you head over to www.goodcopybadcopy.net You can download the video in high resolution here: www.goodcopybadcopy.net/download. It is without a doubt the best documentary on the Pirate/Remix subject so far...

I leave you with this Girl Talk remix of Grizzly Bears "Knife". (from IGIF).

If you like the movie as well - please donate a few €s

Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix) (mp3)


DoCopenhagen @ Roskilde Festival 2007

Once again the kind people at Roskilde Festival has offered a couple of media tickets to the festival. We will do an extensive guide to the festival over the next weeks - so stay tuned. Until then check out the Indie Laundry mp3 guide to the festival.

If you are at the festival this year you can probably find us sipping artificial sweetened daiquiris at the V2 stand or send us an email so we can have a beer.

One of this highlights is of cause The Flaming Lips. Check out this live recording from Oklahoma.


Josephine Philip & Ane Trolle is driving me crazy with the tune "Hold Nu Kay" - For some reason I can't stop listening to it...


07 juni 2007

Lets go sailing

Let's go sailing is produced by Flaming Lips / Modest Mouse / Elliot Smith producer Chris Chandler. It's certainly worth a listen.

"Let's go sailing is full of rainbows and fairies. But it also has a darker side...It is full of lost and neglected stuffed animals found at the side of the road."

Let's go sailing - All I want from you is love
Let's go sailing - Heart condition
Let's go sailing - Better off


02 juni 2007

Free Tunes

Download some free great tracks from The Raveonettes, TV On The Radio, The Rapture and 120 Days and a lot more right here!