30 januar 2007

Forest & Crispian - Linda

The Swedish super trio Forest And Crispian finally released their debut album "Modern Sensation" I can strongly recomend a purchase ASAP - I've seen theese guys live 5 times this year, and they still seem to amaze me!

28 januar 2007

Neckface - Rehearsal For Death @ V1 Gallery - Copenhagen

It's time for at little update that has nothing to do with music.

Neckface - Rehersal For Death

One of my favorite street artists Neckface is exhitibing his work at my local V1 Gallery. If you are in the Copenhagen area I strongly recommend that you head down to Absalonsgade before the 17th of February.

If you are nowhere near Copenhagen - Check out a few photos from the exhibition at my Flickr page.

And if you have absolutely nothing to do... Try to spot the Neckface tag in this Beastie Boys video.

Neckface group on Flickr

Grandaddy: Elevate Myself

I just discoverd this cool video from my old time favourites, Grandaddy.

25 januar 2007

Teddybears ft. Iggy Pop

23 januar 2007

By popular demand...

I have been getting a lot of emails the last couple of days why we haven't linked to this video - So here we go - Thom Yorke - Videotape

22 januar 2007

Of Montreal: Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

Tomorrow the new album from Of Montreal will be out. It sounds amazing to me. You can listen to the entire album on there website and check out the video for the first single right here.

21 januar 2007

While we're waiting for Arcade Fire...

19 januar 2007

45 iPod Cases

Need a new iPod Case ? Try 45 iPod cases made from recycled vinyl albums...


Laleh - New album

I love the brand new album "Prinsessor" from the Iranian/Swedish singer songwriter Laleh. The first single "November" must be my favourite song of the week.

Buy the album on bengans.se

18 januar 2007

Stream new CYHSY album now!

You can stream the entire album right now on their myspacesite

The offical release date of Some Loud Thunder in stores is on January 30th in the United States (January 29th in the rest of the world).

Also enjoy this great performance of "Is this Love?" on The Late Show:

Royksopp - Remind Me

Don't think we featured this video before... BTW comments are back up - keep in touch.

17 januar 2007

Bobby Baby

Been working too much... Must get some sleep... Can't bother to write another word... Enjoy this tune... See you soon.

Bobby Baby - In Ten Years From Now (acoustic version) (mp3)

More at: http://www.bobbybaby.net/ & http://www.myspace.com/bobbybabymusic

Efterklang - Step Aside (Cover) mp3

Good music sites are hard to find. But Jonas Lindgren has created a state of the art wordpress blog for Danish band Efterklang with wonderful illustrations by Nan Na Hvass. To celebrate the launch of their new site Efterklang is giving away a cover version of their song Step Aside by Tobias Hellkvist.

Step Aside (Efterklang cover by Tobias Hellkvist)(mp3)

Also check out this unofficial video by Lars Nagler - it's a beauty...

14 januar 2007

Windermere: No One Wins

There's something beautiful, sloppy and fragile about the new album from the Copenhagen based band Windermere that suit the dark and cloudy season perfectly. See for yourself on their Myspace and watch the video for' There's A Sun'.

11 januar 2007

Note to self...

Must remember to buy Arcade Fire tickets on monday...
Must remember to buy Arcade Fire tickets on monday...
Must remember to buy Arcade Fire tickets on monday...
Must remember to buy Arcade Fire tickets on monday...
Must remember to buy Arcade Fire tickets on monday...

10 januar 2007

Happy Midweek

09 januar 2007

Pleasure feat. Brett Anderson: Back To You (video)

There's a pretty cool video for the new great single from Pleasure feat. good old Mr. Brett Anderson. Check it out!

05 januar 2007

Dj Shadow: This Time (alternative videos)

Take some Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye. Shake it, spice it up a bit, and you have the the new single from DJ Shadow called This Time. There's a lot of alternative videos for the song. Check some out!

04 januar 2007

Josh Ritter - In The Dark

I recieved my copy of the new Josh Ritter live album "In The Dark" today. The album is as I expected great and will one of those records that you can just listen to over and over again. I also spend my evening watching the DVD which is the live recording and an interview with Josh. Watching this material really took me back to the best concert of the year here in Copenhagen. (yes better than The Knife) - come and visit us again soon - Josh.

Josh Ritter - Good Man (Live) (mp3)

If you are a fan of Josh you should head over to www.roadrecs.com and buy the album - it is worth every cent.

If you are too cheap to buy the album - Doug Rice has a lo-fi 22 track recording of a show from the Paradise Rock Club (Boston December 11 2004) up on his fan site. This recording has one thing that I miss from the "In The Dark" recording - A live version of one of my all time favorite tracks "Golden Age of Radio"

Josh Ritter - Golden Age of Radio (Live) (mp3)

Also check out this alternative video recording of "Thin Blue Flame" from Olsson's Books and Records in Washington D.C.

BTW - This is what Steven King had to say about "The Animal Years" when he voted it the best album of 2006 (if that counts for anything...)

"The best album of the year in a walk, and maybe the best album I've heard in the last five. Mysterious, melancholy, melodic...and those are only the M's. Songs like ''Girl in the War'' simply do not leave the consciousness once they're heard, but the album's real gem is the strange and gorgeous ''Thin Blue Flame.'' This is the most exuberant outburst of imagery since Bob Dylan's ''A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall,'' in 1963. The Animal Years is an amazing accomplishment."

See the rest of his list.

03 januar 2007

Guillemots - Made Up Lovesong #43

Found this great liveperformance of what has got to be my favorite song at the moment!

02 januar 2007

Shots Ring Out Top 56 Music Videos of 2006

My favorite music video blog Shots Ring Out has put together their top 56 favorite videos of 2006 with links to quicktime versions of every one. You can also download all videos in this torrent file that should keep you occupied for a few hours.