30 november 2006

New Josh Ritter Live Album

The new Josh Ritter Live album "In The Dark" is out tomorrow. Go grab the tune "Good Man" live from Live at Vicar Street. Or see video and photos and more of the new album here.

Josh Ritter - Good Man (Live) (mp3)

29 november 2006

Oliver North Boy Choir

Keep an eye out for new Danish band Oliver North Boy Choir with former Epo-555 member Camilla Florentz behind the microphone.


Björn Kleihenz on friday + Country Covers

This has got to be the most secret concert in the history DoCopenhagen. Apparently the swedish troubadour Björn Kleinhenz i playing at Huset i Magstræde on friday. Nothing has been posted on the official website but Björn assured us that he will be there and so will we. I'll keep you updated when more details is announced.

This video is from a live concert in Basel in the spring.

Björn Kleihenz - Starlit Queen

You can still download the wonderful album "Pigbone 3000" for free over at It's A Trap.

Also found these cover tracks over at Kleinhenz.se

Björn Kleinhenz - Still Feeling Blue (Parsons Gram - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Delia´s Gone (Johnny Cash - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Please Don't Bury Me (John Prine - Cover)
Björn Kleinhenz - Pancho And Lefty (Willie Nelson - Cover)

Kleinhenz on Hype Machine

28 november 2006

Ray LaMontagne - Crazy (cover)

And Speaking of cool cover tracks - This one rocks !

Ray LaMontagne - Crazy (cover)(mp3)

Ill man doing cover of Coldplays "Fix You"

Before anybody out there makes their "Top 100 cover tunes of the year" they should take a look at this...

A very sick man is performing a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" in front a crowd of old people. This is one of the coolest things I have seen all year.

Original video by Coldplay

Via. Indie Laundry

Raymond & Maria

There's something corny about the new single from Swedens folk pop duo Raymond & Maria Storstadskvinnor faller ner och dör

26 november 2006

120 Days

I might have to sleep on it before I annouce 120 Days as "album of the year" - But it's pretty damn close.

120 Days - Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone) (mp3)
120 Days - Get Away (mp3)


DoCopenhagen Video Podcast - Coming Soon

I have been working together with Christian on making a video podcast for the last couple of weeks. If everything goes as planned we will have our first episode up and running in two weeks time.

The podcast is going to be a series of live recordings and interviews with Scandinavian artists but also bands from around the globe that are playing live here in Copenhagen.

Even though our first episode is not online yet you can still be prepared and subscribe to our feed in iTunes by clicking the link below.

Subscribe to the DoCopenhagen video podcast in iTunes.

Or dowload the teaser (.m4v)

Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and today I ordered the Sufjan Stevens "Songs For Christmas" Box Set. It's only $19.00 and can be bought at the Asthmatic Kitty Store. It contains the following:

  • Five individually packaged CD EPs!
  • Five Christmas stickers!
  • Extensive liner notes and short stories by Sufjan Stevens!
  • An original Christmas essay by Rick Moody!
  • An animated music video and comic strip by Tom Eaton!
  • A Christmas Songbook with lyric sheets and chord charts--so you can sing along too!
  • An original Christmas Family Portrait painting of Santa Sufjan (with wife and kids!) by Jacques Bredy!

Sufjan Stevens Christmas Site
Buy The Box Set
Sufjan on Hype Machine

Sufjan Stevens - That Was The Worst Xmas Ever! Live @ Town hall

Sufjan Stevens - That was the worst Christmas ever! (mp3)

20 november 2006

The Lovekevins - Private life of a cat

Recieved the first single from the forthcoming Lovekevins album today. Great stuff.

The Lovekevins - Private life of a cat (mp3)


18 november 2006

Tune of the day - Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson - Strong Boy.mp3 (Gram Parsons Cover)

Via. Audiosport

17 november 2006

Lasse Gjertsen

This norweigian guy is amazing...

The Kissaway Trail

Denmark's own The Kissaway Trail from Odense, Fyn, will put their debut out this January. I think we've got something to look forward to. See for yourself on their Myspace and check the video for the first single Smother + Evil = Hurt. That song is fucking good...

15 november 2006


I have brutally stolen this post from Anders blog... but it was just too cool not to.

Fat Boys: Fat Boys

Boogie Down Production: My Philosophy

Grandmaster Flash: The Message

LL Cool J: Mamma Said Knock You Out

EPMD: Strictly Business

Run DMC: Run's House

14 november 2006

Music Video Podcast at Shots Ring Out

Just found out today that Shots Ring Out has a video podcast where you can watch the latest indie music videos with bands like Built To Spill, The Mars Volta, Peter, Bjorn and John + many others.

Head over to their site and grab the RSS feed or click here to add the podcast to iTunes.

13 november 2006

Stella Rocket

I was absolutely positive that I posted about Stella Rocket some time ago... Apparently I was wrong.

My favorite swedish indie blog Swedesplease has a little post about the band.

Stella Rocket - Neighbors (mp3)
Stella Rocket - Keep On (mp3)

12 november 2006

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats & Hand On Your Heart

Wanna download the video to your computer go here.

Peter Sommer - 8-6-6-0 (Video)

I might be because I never watch TV but I haven't seen this video made by Rasmus Heise.

Peter Sommer - 8-6-6-0 (.mov)

Gone Daddy Gone

Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley

Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone

11 november 2006

Tapes 'N Tapes - next saturday

Next saturday Tapes'N Tapes are playing live at Lille Vega in Copenhagen. The entrance is only 100 kr. I'll be there with Martin - See you in the bar...

Here they are performing on Letterman

Buy ticket

The Ruby Suns

From California but now residing in Auckland, New Zealand as a flightless native bird, lead singer Ryan McPhun, drifted to these shores from Los Angeles after growing tired the californian music scene. The debut album will come out on January the 10th. It's fucking awsome. Check it out!
And watch the video for Maasai Mara.

10 november 2006

New Swedish Indie releases

I’ve always loved Labrador records. Right now three of their artists have a new album out on the shelves: [Ingenting], Loveninjas and The Mary onettes.

Check out these tunes from their new releases:

The Mary Onettes - Lost
Lovenijas - Wanna be like Johnny C
[Ingenting] - Punkdrömmar
[Ingenting] - Släpp in solen

You can also stream the whole albums here:
Mary Onettes - Lost
Loveninjas - I wanna be like johnny c
[Ingenting] - mycket väsen för ingenting

Labrador Records

How Will I know

At the Lemonheads concert in Vega a couple of weeks ago I got reminded how awesome Whitney are. I came across the track at pop zeus.

Lemonheads - How Will I Know (mp3)

08 november 2006

Pelle Carlberg - Middleclass Kid (mp3)

One of my favorite Swedish troubadours Pelle Carlberg has a new version of his track "Middleclass Kid" up on his website. Apparently his new album is nearly done and should hit the shelves some time in the beginning of 2007.

Pelle Carlberg - Middleclass Kid (mp3)

New Figurines video in the making

My good friend Brad from SF (now located in 9000 Aalborg) is working together with Aaron Blecha on the new video for The Figurines track "Back In The Day".

The Animation is based upon the character Brad drew for them for the cover of "Skeleton" released outside of DK.

The animations will be created at Open Workshop from November 20 to December 1, 2006.

Keep updated at the project blog "Back In The Day" Animation or grab the RSS feed.

06 november 2006

Erik Mattsson - One-Horse Town - Free EP

Swedish Singer/Songwriter Erik Mattsson has a new wonderful EP out - You can download the 5 tracks for free over at Wild Geese Music. This track is my favorite so far:

Erik Mattsson - Where's The Rain (mp3)


Placbo: Meds (Video)

Brian Molko has forgot to take his meds in the new cool Placebo video.

Kanye West Can Suck A Dick!

05 november 2006

Pétur Ben

It's been a slow week for me in the music department, but today I downloaded 3 songs from the debut album of Pétur Ben. Pétur is the guitarist for Icelandic singersong/writer Mugison budefinitelyly has the talent to go all the way on his own. (via Soundvenue)

Pétur Ben - White Tiger (mp3)
Pétur Ben - Something Radical (mp3)


BTW - don't Christmas dinner plans on the 1tDecemberember - Björn Kleinhenz is in town...

Subtle 'The Mercury Craze' music video