31 august 2006

Josh Ritter - Live Video

This years best concert (so far) here in Copenhagen was without a doubt Josh Ritter at Vega.

He is touring all over the US in september and october and is heading back to the UK in november. - Check out the tour plan.

Doug Rice has put up a few live videos on you tube.

The Boss live

Jefitoblog has posted a whole bunch of Bruce Springsteen live tunes.
Good stuff.

Please take me there

Hot Chip - Boy from School (Music video)

If You are into lo-fi psychedelic dance music, you better listen (and dance) to this lovely song Boy from School by Hot Chip.

Hot Chip web

30 august 2006


The best party track this year: Fascination

25 august 2006

The Format: The Compromise (Music Video)

As an art teacher this great new video from Arizona band The Format realy gave me a lot of new ideas...Thanks!

The Compromise (Video)

Cassius: Toop Toop (Video)

There's something extremely catchy and footshakin' in the new single from french electro guys Cassius that makes you wanna shake yourself. Go on: Toop Toop!

23 august 2006

Lemonheads - No Backbone (mp3)

First new song from The Lemonheads.

Lemonheads - No Backbone (mp3)

I missed that sound sooooo much.


The Rapture: Get Myself Into It (Music Video)

Check out the new video from The Rapture! Get Myself Into It

18 august 2006

Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The Uk (Video)

Badly Drawn Boy ka Damon Gough returns with a very limited new single this week, ‘Born In The UK’. The single, available on 7” only and limited to 500 copies, is on the Emidisc label – the legendary EMI offshoot made famous by the Dylan bootlegs in the sixties.

This is the video:

Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The UK (.wmv)

16 august 2006


Dear kind people of the Danish Kingdom and everyone
outside the Reich.
It is with sadness in my heart that I (Camilla)
haveto tell you about my exit of epo-555.
This is due to the happy circumstances that Mikkel Max and
I are in, which we are looking very much forward to.
But it has alsoled to serious considerations of how
it's possible to unite a future child with the fact that
being in epo also means late nights, smoke,
noise and many hours on the road or in the air.
My life in epo has for the past few years been combined
with a life at university and even though I couldn't be
without either it has been difficult for me to be there
full-hearted both places. With a little child it is
going to be ten times harder and we have therefore
decided within the band to say a definite goodbye
instead of expecting my return sometime in the future.
So my dearest epo-addicts ­ I will miss the smoke,
the noise, the late hours around the world and not least
you who turned it into what it was for me. Thank you so
much for that time; I hope you appreciate
my decision and will still follow epo in its
fight for world dominion.


14 august 2006

Puzzleweasel - "Cvon" (Video)

Regular readers of this blog knows that I have a strong passion for lowbudget / well executed music-videos. This one is just excelent...

Puzzleweasel - Cvon (.mov)

More goodies at ufx.dk

Vitage t-shirts & rock posters.

If you have a fetish for Vintage T-Shirts, Rock Posters, Concert T-Shirts, Concert... go visit www.wolfgangsvault.com.

13 august 2006

Grizzly Bear - Video

Found this Grizzly Bear a capella version of "The Knife" when I was searching for informations about their new video for this track. Looks like they are having fun playing around green screens somewhere in Nevada.

Check out the Grizzly Bear remix of the Of Montreal track "I Was A Landscape In Your Dream"

Of Montreal - I Was A Landscape In Your Dream (Grizzly Bear remix) (mp3)

Via: Skatterbrain

Please Help Erik Levander

Rasmus from Rumraket asked us if we could post the following:

"Please help Erik Levander and Rumraket to recover his harddisk! Donate some money, so this friendly swede can finish his detailed, partly insane and beautifully weaved together splash of electronica, melodic glitch and noise music. Erik Levander is signed to Rumraket and we cant wait to get to release his second full lenght album, unfortunately the album has been heavily delayed due to a harddisk crash. Erik cant afford to repair his disk and neither can Rumraket.

This is why we now ask all lovers of eccentric beauty to give us a hand! All donations over 14 euros will be rewarded with a signed version of the album, when it is released and the donators names will also be mentioned in the album artwork. But all donations no matter how small or big are very welcome! The cost to repair the harddisk is 1200 euros. We hope this works out!"

More info and a free download at: www.rumraket.net/erik-donation

If you are in Copenhagen on the 31th of August the "The Erik Levander Hardisc Recovery DJ Team" and "Master Fatman" will be playing from 18.00 - 24.00 at Jazzcup.

12 august 2006

M Ward: Chinese Translation (Music Video)

Portland, Oregon singer-songwriter M Ward are back with his new album, Post War, on August 22 in the US and September 4 in europe. Take a look at the new and very beutiful video to the first single Chinese Translation.

10 august 2006

Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks Remix

Found this tune over at Gorilla Vs. Bear - it's just to good not to link.

Peter Bjorn & John Young Folks (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve remix) (mp3)

Arctic Monkeys- Leave Before The Lights Come On

Beck and Stuff

The next album from Beck is called "The Information" and is going to be out in October. Like always Beck likes to put out early teasers to get some attention. Check out the cool video for "We Dance Alone". (Pixel men gone movie?)

Also check out these nice and free MP3s:

Tapes 'n Tapes live on KEXP radio while in Austin TX for the 2006 SXSW (se more e.g. interview on sixeyes)

Tapes 'n Tapes - Just Drums
Tapes 'n Tapes - Manitoba
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor
Tapes 'n Tapes - Cowbell

The Roseline
The Roseline - Shakin Shorts
The Roseline - Laudramat

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness (mp3)

UK based band Sunny Day Sets Fire will be releasing their first EP on I Am Sound Records sometime this fall.

Wonderful pop-music alá "Belle and Sebastian" and "Architecture in Helsinki" - This is definetly a hit.

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness (mp3)

Also check out the video:

Wilderness on You Tube


09 august 2006

Copenhagen This Weekend

10-13. August 2006 - Unfair - A Fusion Of International Clothing, Art And Music at Copenhagen Skate Park - www.copenhagen-unfair.dk or myspace.com/copenhagenunfair

11. August 2006 - Opening of V-B an exhibition by Dearrandrop at Gallery V-1.

10. August 2006 - Opening of Instable An itinerant artshow by Volcom's featured artists at Flavour - Pics from Stuttgart show. Show starts at 19.00 hours - beers and music.

Forget Cassettes

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been offline the last couple of days. While waiting for my internet connection to be reestablished I have been listening to my new favorite band over and over again. Forget Cassettes new album "Salt" was released yesterday and is a must for fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Shout Out Louds.

Forget Cassettes - Venison (mp3)
Forget Cassettes - Quiero, Quieres (mp3)
Forget Cassettes - The Catch (mp3)
Forget Cassettes - Lonely Does It (mp3)

I also found a Forget Cassettes live recording from last august over at Each Note Secure.

Forget Cassettes - Live in the Lounge on WOXY (mp3)


07 august 2006

Chasing Cars remixed by The Hey Team

Pitchfork posted this great remix by The Hey Team of Snow Patrols Chasing Cars.

By the way the new single, "Leave Before The Lights Come On" from Arctic Monkies, which is out on August 14, features a cover of The Little Flames track 'Put Your Dukes Up John'. You can allready watch the video on YouTube.

04 august 2006

Riot Act Mix Tape on *Sixeyes

*Sixeyes has posted a mix tape from Riot Act Media witch is pretty good:

Mix Tape

03 august 2006

OK Go - Here It Goes Again (Video)

We are probably the last blog on the internet to link this - but I just had to do it - This is pure brilliance.


02 august 2006

Americana Podcast - The Miller Tells Her Tale

If you are a Josh Ritter / Jim White / Eric Taylor kind of guy I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Americana - The Miller Tells Her Tale - Podcast.

Subscribe to iTunes

or grab the xml


This is already my favorite music podcast.

The Raconteurs - Hands (Video)

01 august 2006

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (video)

The Lodge

Sometimes you just need to kick back listen to some plain old Rock'n roll. One of the bands that deliveres such a thing at the moment is The Lodge from England. These four songs have been my favorites the last two weeks.

The Lodge - All Wrong (mp3)
The Lodge - Piece of Cake (mp3)
The Lodge - Slapback (mp3)
The Lodge - Lemonade (demo - mp3)

Also check out this video:

The Lodge - Noose (video - .mov)


Tilly & the Wall

They are my new favourite band

Watch the video Icestorm