31 maj 2006

The Stills: Destroyer

The Montreal based The Stills are out with their new album Without Feathers. Check out the video for the first single Destroyer, with a little help from FACE High School in montreal, Canada.

Destroyer (Music Video)

30 maj 2006

Don't kill Bambi

Today I found my self in the mood for catchy tunes, well crafted lyrics, and an organic vibe (it can happen to even the best). I remembered that somebody recommended checking out Brandi Carlile after seeing her show case on South by Southwest back in March. I hereby pass on that piece of advise.
Well pop music it is, though some might call it "singer - songwriter" but you should defiantly check her out.

Listen to: Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again (.MP3)

29 maj 2006

Sol Seppy - Wonderland (Video)

Former Sparklehorse member Sophie Michalitsianos aka. Sol Seppy has made a beautiful solo album called "The Bells of 1 2".

Check out the very emotional video for "Wonderland"

Sol Seppy - Wonderland (.mov)


28 maj 2006

Jason Collett: I'll Bring The Sun

Broken Social Scene guitarist Jason Collett will give the world his second solo album Idols of Exile on june 14th. I pretty much look foward to that occasion, after listening to his first single/ video. Check it out:

I'll bring the sun (music video)

23 maj 2006

Hell On Wheels at Nørrebronx

Last week our swedish neighbours Hell On Wheels, gave a short presentation of their new amazing LP The Odd Church here in Copenhagen. Singer and guitarist Rickard Lindgren had a few words to say...

Alexandr (MP3)

22 maj 2006

On Piracy (Documentary)

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. If you are interested in the challenges the record industry is facing today - this movie is a "must see".

Oh yeah and by the way - it's available for free and legal download here.

"Each day, millions of youths from Canada and around the world download music and movies off of the Internet. This epidemic of "unauthorized" downloading has been cited by the record and film industries as being the prime cause for billions in losses. Politicians have come under tremendous pressure to pass legislation on the issue."

If you like this movie as much as I do - go donate a buck or two.

18 maj 2006

Gram Rabbit - Live

I totally recommend this live session with Gram Rabbit on Morning Becomes Eclectic. These guys are really fun to watch and sound absolutely fantastic. Their new CD is called Cultivation and is as great as the first one.

Primal Scream

I can't wait for the new Primal Scream album, Riot City Blues, to come out on June 5th. The first single is amazing. You can watch the video right here! That girl has to be by future wife...

Motors: Black Powder

Electro-bang yourself to this!

17 maj 2006


This might come in handy...

How to play the spoons

12 maj 2006

Nordstrøm - Berlin

Danish Electro poppers Nordstrom head out to sea with a brand new video for the lovely track Berlin

09 maj 2006

Far From The Dance

Yorkshire based Far From The Dance has a EP out. Three great electronica/indie-rock tracks that will make my bike ride to work tomorrow much more enjoyable.

Far From The Dance - Don't Give Up (mp3)
Far From The Dance - Self Help Provider (mp3)
Far From The Dance - It Never Stops (mp3)


KEXP blog

Our favorite radio station KEXP is jumping on the blog-wagon.

Visit the blog
Grab the RSS feed

08 maj 2006

Domotic: I Hate You Forever (Music Video)

I Hate You Forever
by french guy Domotic is pretty much on repeat in my Ipod thees days. Check out the video! And visit his Myspace for more strange electro things...


Following in the footsteps of other great Glasgow acts like Belle & Sebastian, Primal Scream, Jesus And Mary Chain, Mogwai and Arab Strap. The 1990s has just signed a record deal with Rough Trade. I haven't been able to find an official release date anywhere but you can buy two tracks for £1 from their website.


Also check out an other wonderful Glasgow band:

Mother And The Addicts

Mother And The Addicts - fmemummy.mp3

06 maj 2006

Midlake performing in Tivoli gardens

Midlake was the support act when Flaming Lips was playing in Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen last Wednesday. The video is from that concert, and the number they are performing is the mesmerizing number "Roscoe"! Their album "The trials of Van Occupanther" is due to hit the streets in july...

05 maj 2006

Flaming Lips Show in Copenhagen

Oh yeah... The lips in Tivolis butifull concert hall wedensday night was absolutely and completely fantastic. Hit Parade, Aliens, Santa's, 100 giant orange balloons, and a confetti gallore! Everyone who has a performer in their stomack or allready perform stages around the world should be forced to see a Flaming Lips Show - just for inspiration.
This morning when i went to the library to study - i found confetti in my shoes, it made me turn the iPod to max, Do You Realize as the track, and drive in the sunshine through the copenhagen harbour. What a day what a day what a day!

04 maj 2006

Sambassadeur - New EP

Since the first time I heard the Swedish quartet Sambassadeur, I’ve loved their simple pop-sound. Now they are out with a brand new 4 track EP called Coastal Affairs. This little goodie is from that EP:

Sambassadeur - Kate

If you havn't already done it, you should also check out these 2 tracks from the self titled debut from last year.

Sambassadeur - Between the lines
Sambassadeur - New Moon


02 maj 2006

The Concretes

Swedish popers The Concretes are out with their brilliant new album In Colour. Listen to some tunes on their MySpace, and check out the cool video to Chosen One.