30 november 2005

Stephen Malkmus

The new Stephen Malkmus video is pretty cool I think! Baby c' mon


This is a music film about South Africa's most popular musician, Rodriguez, and why he only became a legend in South Africa. This shout features an array of this legend's amazing music. Looking for Jesus

29 november 2005

The future of music distribution

Canadian art-pop chick Jane Siberry has created her own personal online music store. You can download pretty much all of her music. You can pay whatever you like and if you are a free (down) loader you can get it for free. In my opinion this is what most artists should do. It’s a great way to spread your music and enlarge your number of fans. You might as well face it. You are not going to make any money unless you get a huge number of fans.
Check it out.

By Martin Buhl

28 november 2005


My all-time favorite new-media agency Hi-Res has just launched a new version of the official Beck website. Enjoy the wonderful flash work and listen to some previously unreleased tracks.


America vs. Canada

As most of you know Information Leafblower has compiled a list of the top 40 bands in America, with help from Brooklyn Vegan, My Old Kentucky Blog, Gorilla Vs. Bear, and several other top music/mp3 bloggers.

Now I (Heart) Music has made a top 33 list of the hottest Canadian bands of 2005 with help from more than 20 music bloggers, writers and critics from across the country.

The US top 40 / The Canadian top 33

Søren Solkjær Starbird

If you are in Copenhagen at the moment, you have to go and see Søren Solkjær Starbird's collection of Rock photography, at "Fotografisk Center". When you are there, you can also buy his new picture book "Beat City". It's the perfect christmas present for your mom.

Fotografisk Center
Gammel Strand 48
1202 Copenhagen K

Fotografisk Center
Søren Solkjær Starbird at DR.dk

27 november 2005


The California electro duo Xiu Xiu are out with
their new album La Foret. Check out the brand
new cool animated video. Muppet Face


I don't know what to say about the song, but the video it pretty cool. The Portofino Mosh!

26 november 2005

Rocky Votolato

This guy used to be in a punk band, but now he plays more folky alá Damien Rice kind of music. He has a record comming out on Barsuk the same label as indie hipsters Death Cab For Cutie on the 24th of January.

Conventional wisdom says that singer-songwriters need a mythology. We can't supply you with any Lanegan- or Earle-style tales of past drug abuse or Adams-ish anecdotes of stupidity and arrogance in telling the story of Rocky Votolato. But here's what we know: Rocky is a soft-spoken, very sweet, very hard-working 28-year-old father of two, born in rural Texas and raised in the Pacific Northwest indie scene (where he fronted the acclaimed but emo-stigmatized Waxwing). He has matured over the course of three increasingly accomplished solo albums, and writes songs that seem to have been scratched into a boxcar wall by a worn-out and lonesome ghost.

White Daisy Passing (mp3)
Mix Tapes / Cellmates (mp3)
Crabtree and Evelyn (mp3)
Like Silver (mp3)
Without Eyes Still Seeing (mp3)
One More Work Song Blues (mp3)
Silent (mp3)



...Heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to earth; and the angels were so angry that they flung me out...Check out some downloads from the new album Cheap Eyeliner by Englands electropop sensation Helvissa

iPod - Refill

Death Cab for Cutie - Jealousy Rides With Me (mp3)
Mojave 3 - Big Star Baby (mp3)
Send For Help - Burmese Tiger Pit (mp3)
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor (mp3)
John Dufilho - What are You Waiting For? (mp3)
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses (mp3)
Jettie - Aimie Rain (mp3)
Elbow - The Good Day (mp3)
Jettie - The Angel Of This World (mp3)
Kathleen Edwards - In State (mp3)
Bloc Party - Tulips (club version) (mp3)
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Handle With Care (mp3)
The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy (mp3)
The Rosebuds - Blue Bird (mp3)
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (mp3)
The Decemberists - Engine Driver mp3
Rogue Wave - Publish My Love (mp3)
Brendan Benson - The Pledge mp3
Spoon - I Turn My Camera On (mp3)
Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner (mp3)
Chad VanGaalen - Clinically Dead (mp3)
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (mp3)
Okkervil River - Black (mp3)
The Happy Bullets - The Vice and Virtue Ministry (mp3)
Devendra Banhart - Quedate Luna mp3
Iron & Wine - Woman King mp3

25 november 2005

Happy birthday Chelsea Hotel .
Tonight is the grand opening of the new exclusive Indie club “Chelsea Hotel” at “Stengade 30” in Copenhagen.

The performers tonight are:
“Larsen and Furious Jane” & “Laakso”

More over there you can witness som kick ass DJ sets performed by:
& FREDERIK & CHRISTOFFER from Lake Placid.

Entrance fee: 60,-

See you in the bar.

24 november 2005


The belgian singer song-writer Milow has made
a cool video, shot on mini-dv over the course of two days, to his beautiful new single One of it. A perfect soundtrack to the cold and dark autom. One of it.

Me and This Army

16 cool Radiohead tracks has been remixed by artists such as: De La Soul and Jurassic 5.
The track list is as following:

01. Everything In Its Wrong Place
02. Idioteque Calisthenics (ft. gift of gab & cut chemist)
03. Change The Beat - MF Doom (pz wicket child remix)
04. Daytona 500 - Ghostface (panzah zandahz iron lung remix)
05. Rapperfection - Edan (ft. mr. lif. national anthem mash-up)
06. At Ease
07. Creep (ft. fred from fitter happier)
08. Me & This Army (ft. sev statik & a shitty mic)
09. D.D.T. - Kool Keith (panzah zandazh paperbag remix)
10. Itsoweezee - De La Soul (pz i will remix)
11. How Ya Want It - Jungle Brothers (pz punchup remix)
12. No Surprises (none at all really)
13. Sooo Tired14. You & What Army
15. Planet Telex Loop16. Paranoid Android

You can get the BitTorrent for downloading the album here.

by Martin Buhl

23 november 2005

Martha Wainwright

Two days ago I posted about upcomming gigs in Copenhagen. Today somebody asked me who that Martha Wainwright chick is and if she is really worth the 150 kr. All I can say is YES.

Martha is Rufus Wainwrights 29 year old sister and has just released her self entitled debut album. Dedicated docopenhagen users might even remember that Anbu linked Marthas song Bloody Motherfucking Asshole (mp3) a long time ago (still a classic).

Listen to Far Away (mp3), Watch the video When The Day Is Short (.mov) and/or listen to a Australian ABC studio session with Martha (mp3)

By the way... Martha is also performing at Kulturbolaget in Malmö on the 6th of December. Speaking of Kulturbolaget - My Morning Jacket is performing there on the 31th of January.


Maybe this is not the right blog for this track, but sometimes stupid popmusic can be a relief.
Big City Life

Depeche Mode

The oldboys synth champions
Depeche Mode are ready with a
video to the new single
A Pain I'm Used To.

22 november 2005

I'm From Barcelona

I'm From Barcelona is not from Spain but from Sweden. They play happy pop-music and have just released their first EP. It's available from their website for just 50 kr.

I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (mp3)
I'm From Barcelona - Treehouse (mp3)
I'm From Barcelona - Chicken Pox (mp3)


Amanita Design

For those of you who havn't tried The SAMOROST game by Amanita Design, it's about time. Those guys sure know how to mix creative ideas with humour and a lot of weed, which by the way is a good idea to be on, while you play! Go ahead...

The National

Check out the brand new video for the song
Lit Up from The National.

21 november 2005

Copenhagen Gigs

MUGISON - Lille VEGA 25.11.05 kl. 21:00 (130 kr)
VIVE LA FÊTE (Support: Firefox) - Lille VEGA 30.11.05 kl. 21:00 (170 kr)
STARSAILOR (Support: Wire Daisies) - Store VEGA 01.12.05 kl. 20:00 (240 kr)
BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE (Support: The Most Serene Republic) - Loppen 06.12.05 kl. 21:00 (100 kr)
MARTHA WAINWRIGHT (Support: Teddy Thompson) - Lille VEGA 07.12.05 kl. 20:00 (150 kr)
ARCTIC MONKEYS - Lille VEGA 09.12.05 kl. 23:59 (130 kr)
THE NATIONAL (Support: Filmschool) Loppen 10.12.05 kl. 21.00 (100 kr)
MY MORNING JACKET - Loppen 04.02.06 kl. 21.00 (100 kr)
ARAB STRAP - Lille VEGA 04.02.06 kl. 21:00 (145 kr)

Belle & Sebastian

Legendary Glasgow band Belle & Sebastian are going to release a charity album on the 6th of December. The special thing about the one is that it's only going to be available as a download from iTunes. It's a live album containing the following songs:

"Stars of Track and Field"
"Seeing Other People"
"Me and the Major"
"Like Dylan in the Movies"
"The Fox in the Snow"
"Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying"
"If You’re Feeling Sinister"
"The Boy Done Wrong Again"
"Judy and the Dream of Horses"

Martin Buhl

20 november 2005

The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives

One of my favourite tunes of the year is "16 Military Wives" by The Decemberists. It is out as a single and a video on Rough Trade.

The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives (Video)
The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives (Live MP3)


Reminiscent enough to be familiar, yet fresh enough to be exciting, SOFT is the sound of five guys making one big sound: spacey, shimmering, beautiful rock music. Formed just over a year ago, the genesis of the band was an organic one with mutual friends from areas as divergent as Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and Connecticut coming together to do what seemed most natural to them: make music. The lack of a stated musical blueprint produced not the expected chaos but a surprising cohesion, and the song writing began. Months of perfectionist tweaking and fine-tuning culminated with a trip to a haunted ranch in upstate New York, which in turn yielded the five songs that eventually landed on the band's debut EP.
Listen to the song Higher. And buy the EP here!

Arctic Monkeys on KCRW

Ok - I know I promised no more Arctic Monkeys post in a while... But I just had to let you know that they performed on KCRW yesterday.

Listen to the show (.ram)
Watch the show (.ram)

19 november 2005


Check out this cute robot short movie by director Lobo, with music by my favourite band The Flaming Lips.

Ron's 60's video links

This is cool Guys! Check out all the old stuff from the 60's. You can find videos from The Kinks, George Harrison, The Monkeys, The Doors and lots of other good stuff from back then. Enjoy!

18 november 2005

Public Symphony - Video

Yet another wonderful minimalistic video from the British band Public Symphony.

Public Symphony are a new British band born from a studio in London’s Brick Lane with an expansive sound that is both beautiful and powerful, drawing references with Pink Floyd, Massive Attack and Keane. The intention of the songs is to inspire. We hope the music lifts you.

Public Symphony - Stronger (.mov)

17 november 2005

Broken Social Scene

The Canadian indie music scene is the talk of town these days, with bands like The Arcade Fire. Broken Social Scene from Toronto is not a new thing, but boy they rock. Check out the brand new video from the new album here. Ibi Dreams Of Pavement.

CocoRosie - Noah's Ark (Video)

LCD Soundsystem - Podcast

Indieinterviews has a new podcast out with LCD Soundsystem. James discusses remixing and being remixed, the variety of venues in which the band performs and looking forward to a new record.

Download the 30 min. long interview (mp3)
Subscribe to Indieinterviews at iTunes

16 november 2005

Amandine - Album

The swedish band Amandine is out with their debut album "This Is Where Our Hearts Collide".

Influenced and inspired by both classic indie and traditional American Folk music, and with a perhaps more apparent inclination towards Alt. Country / Americana acts such as Songs:Ohia, Damien Jurado, Iron and Wine, or Crosby Stills Nash and Young, they nevertheless retain a keen sense of self, their songs perhaps reflecting more than anything a sense of rural space, a reflective ideology, and a natural leaning towards simply playing from the heart. ‘This Is Where Our Hearts Collide’ is nothing less than a solid body of deftly arranged songs; graceful, affecting and emotive, as rich and expressive in melody as it is in lyrical sentiment.

Halo (mp3)
Blood & Marrow (mp3)



The first single from the forthcoming Morrissey album "Ringleaders of the Tormentos" are to be released in February and the album is due in March.
It is going to be interesting to see if the new album that has been mixed and produced by Tony Visconti can achive the same success as "You are the Quarry".
Here are the official track list from the album:

'I Will See You In Far-off Places'
'Dear God Please Help Me'
'You Have Killed Me'
'The Youngest Was The Most Loved'
'In The Future When All's Well'
'The Father Who Must Be Killed'
'Life Is A Pigsty'
'I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now'
'On The Streets I Ran'
'To Me You Are A Work Of Art'
'I Just Want To See The Boy Happy'

'At Last I Am Born'

By Martin Buhl

Arctic Monkeys - 12 free mp3s

I promise this will be my last post about Arctic Monkeys - at least until after I go to their concert here in Copenhagen on the 9th of December.

For those of you who haven't jumped on the monkey bandwagon - this is the perfect place to start.

Download 12 mp3s from Arctic Monkeys - Go right click and save as.

Oh yeah - and one more thing... the new live album " Motion Sickness" from Bright Eyes is out today. Listen to this tune: Method Acting (mp3).


They're called QRIOs, so-called "dream robots" developed by Sony Japan as high-tech playthings for children. The QRIO can carry on conversations, adapt to a multitude of environments and - most importantly - mimic human movements, including complex dance routines. Currently, there are only four working QRIOs in the world. And all of them appear in the brand new video from Beck "Hell Yes".

José González

The young Jose Gonzalez has done it again. He's taken an uptempo pop tune and turned it into a slow and smooth bosanova track. This time he's covered Kylie Minougue.
Last time I linked Jose, was in 2003 when he was out with the CD "Veneer". You can stream 4 tracks from that CD on Jose's spot at Myspace.com, including the absolutely fabulous The Knife cover "Heartbeats".

José González - Hand on my Heart (Kylie cover) mp3
Jose Gonzales on Myspace.com

15 november 2005

The Dolls

The two guys behind AGF/Delays has been working together with "Craig Armstrong". Craig is the man behind the music for the movies "Romeo+Juliet", "Moulin Rouge" and "Ray" but has also written tracks for Madonna, U2 and "Massive Attack". The result of this collaboration is "The Dolls" and a new album with a wonderful cinematic sound and feel.

Martini Never Dries (mp3)

Out Hud

Out Hud's new single is pretty good I think. Check out the cool video produced by The Wilderness. It's for you.

14 november 2005

The Faint - TV Interview

I stumbled upon a The Faint TV interview made by German website www.wennsrockt.de. Watch it here (wmv). Very short and tight production.

For those of you who haven't been introduced to this fabulous band, download these mp3s:
I Disappear (mp3)
Birth (mp3)
Agenda Suicide (mp3)
Glass Danse (mp3)
Call Call (mp3)
Worked Up So Sexual (mp3)
Some Incriminating Photographs (mp3)
Typing: 1974-2048 (mp3)


Wilco - Kicking Television / Live in Chicago

As most of you already know, Wilco is releasing his live album "Kicking Television" tomorrow. I haven't been able to find any mp3s fro the album but you can stream 4 songs from the album here. Download these 4 mp3s while we wait for the new album:

Via Chicago (mp3)
Sunken Treasure (mp3)
Forget The Flowers (mp3)
The Late Greats (mp3)

Read Pitchfork review


Bill Callahan aka. Smog is out with an absolutly
cool video to the new
single Rock Bottom Riser.

Frida Hyvonen

This is Frida Hyvonen, a girl from Stockholm who plays emotional Piano pop with an edge.

The Modern Video (12 MB)
I drive my friend Video (9 MB)

13 november 2005

The Strokes - Juicebox (Video)

I finally found a link to the new The Strokes video "Juicebox" via djmonstermo.blogspot.com

The Strokes - Juicebox (.mov) - Go download !

Erik De Wahl - Friendly Fire (Video)

I have always been a fan of low budget videos. This one from Erik De Wahl is no exception.

Erik De Wahl - Friendly Fire (.mov)

12 november 2005

The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost (Video)

Wonderful new video from The Magic Numbers - "Forever Lost" (.mov)

Specialten DVD # 11

Specialten is a bi-monthly collections of short films, music videos and exclusive interviews.

The content for issue 11 includes:

COCO ROSIE - Sat in beautiful parkland we talk to Coco Rosie; the Casady sisters, Sierra and Bianca. Born in Iowa and Hawaii respectively, the girls grew up apart until fate brought them together again in 2003. Once disconnected, they are now inseparable.

ANTICON - Founded in 1998 a loose collective of longtime friends and near strangers bound together by poetics and a love of Hip Hop, the Anticon label is home for Doseone, Jel and Alias, amongst many others. The label has always been held in great regard by any who really know the genre. This excerpt of footage from a forthcoming film by The Listen Collective is just a tiny look through a crack in the door.

And lots more ...

Watch a preview or Buy it at dotshop.se


11 november 2005

Antony & The Johnsons - You Are My Sister

New video out from Antony & The Johnsons - You Are My Sister (mov)


Stumled upon this great site packed with liveshows from great acts!

I encourage everybody to Watch the Arcade Fire show!
a full concert with 2005's best liveact!
Arcade Fire has been one of my favorite bands this year, but after watching this concert they peak as my absolute number one!


The Lovekevins

Swedish The Lovekevins makes some of the catchiest rock/pop music. They have a new EP out called: "Max Léon". They have uploaded one mp3 for us to enjoy and the old EP "Blame The English" is still up for download.

Soviet.se(mp3) / Blame The English(mp3) / Stop Being Perfect(mp3) / Happy Happy(mp3)


10 november 2005

John Vanderslice - New Video

The fine man John Vanderslice has a new video out "Exodus Damage" - If you haven't checked out his new album "Pixel Revolt" you should !

John is by the way warming up for docopenhagen favourites "Nada Surf" on their european tour this fall. Tour details.

Video - "Exodus Damage" (mov)
Exodus Damage (mp3)
Trance Manual (mp3)


Tiger Lou - The Loyal (Video)

Somebody linked the new Tiger Lou song "The Loyal" some time ago. Here is the video to the song. Tiger Lou - The Loyal (wmv)

The Mood Swings

Girls on guitars playing pop and call themself rock. Ladies and gentlemen The Mood Swings!
More info: www.themoodswings.com