31 oktober 2005


The norwegian singer/songwriter Magnet are ready with a beutiful video for the new single Fall at your feet.

Jens Lekman - Oh you're so silent Jens

After a disappointing 2. album from Tiger Lou, Jens Lekman must now be the Crown Prince of Sweden. This album is going to be a classic. I have been listening to the these three tracks for the last couple of days and the are nothing less but fabulous.

Black Cab (mp3)
I Saw Her In The Anti-War Demonstration (mp3)
A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill (mp3)

Video:You The Lights (Video - Ram)

Also go crazy at: The Department Of Forgotten Songs


Snow Machine

Snow Machine sounds like an Indie Pop version of Elliott Smith. This album was released back in marts this year but has somehow not made to my iPod until now. If you are new to Snow Machine and their self-tilled debut album listen here:

Birmingham (mp3)
Camel Lights (mp3)

Idlewild - Warnings/Promises

The new album by Idlewild is just full of joyful pop-tunes. You can listen to the the new album "Warnings/Promises" here or you can watch the new video to the song "El Capitan"(Ram).


30 oktober 2005


You might not have heard of the luminously lovely indie-folk-tronic duo CocoRosie. The duo consists of the Casady sisters, vocalist/guitarist/flutist Sierra and vocalist/percussionist Bianca. Their second album Noah's Ark, which features cameos by Devendra Banhart and Antony of Antony and the Johnsons just came out, and it's absolutly brilliant. Don't be scared by the picture above, just check it out!


This is how danish hip hop sounds like these days. Both N.O.B.L.E and Alliancen are ready to rock the mike with their band new debuts. Check it out here!

28 oktober 2005

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys is the band everybody talks about in England these days. Check out the pretty oldschool video for I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor.

Harvey Danger - The best things in life are free

Harvey Danger is giving away their new album "Little By Little"... You can download the album from their website free of charge... or you can make a small contribution in case you like what you hear - I do.


27 oktober 2005

Larsen & Furious Jane

Here is yet another track from the brilliant new album from Larsen & Furious Jane, Tourist With A Typewriter. Unsuccessful is the new successful

26 oktober 2005

18th dye

Just returned from the coolest city in Europe, Berlin, it's great news that the Berlin/ Copenhagen based band 18th Dye will make a cut to the bone concert at Zum Biergarten in Copenhagen next friday the 4th. 18th dye who earlier this year decided a comeback is one of my favourite exponents of noise rock. You can buy your ticket to this cool gig right here!

Thomas Dybdahl

Norwegian singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl has a new beautiful video out. He is also nominated for a MTV Nordic Music Award in the category "Best Norwegian Act"

We wish him the best of luck.

If We Want It It's Right (.wmv)



Swedens Logh has made a new video for their brilliant song Destinymanifesto (mp3) which you can find on the A Sunset Panorama album.

Britta Persson - Still in pain

I bought the first Britta Persson Demo EP over a year ago. Since then I haven't heard from her but apparently she has released a new EP on Startracks.

She has uploaded a new demo tune "The Youth" and a music video for the song "Defrag My Heart"

The Youth (mp3)
Defrag My Heart (Video)


25 oktober 2005

Loveninjas - Keep Your Love

Just received the newsletter from Labrador - Loveninjas has a new EP out on November 16th.

Loveninjas - Keep Your Love (mp3)

24 oktober 2005

Brendan Benson - The Trouble With You

I found this unreleased track by Brendan Benson that didn´t make on to his last record.

The Trouble With You (mp3)

I found it on www.dumbgun.com/blog

Department Of Eagles

This wonderful Brooklyn based band is finally releasing their debut album "the whitey on the moon" on this side of The Atlantic. If you haven't heard of Department Of Eagles - They are wonderfully noisy with original chaotic samples.

Listen to four songs from the album:

Sailing By Night (mp3)
Noam Chomsky Springbreak 2002 (mp3)
Ghost In Summer Clothes (mp3)
The Horse You Ride (mp3)


23 oktober 2005

Thee Unstrung - The future looks bright

With an average age of 19 years, Thee Unstrung definitely has the future ahead of them.

Despite their young age, the band has all-ready performed at the Glastonbury festival and played several support gigs for The Raveonettes.

Psycho (mp3)
Contrary Mary (mp3)

Contrary Mary (Ram-Video)

Their first studio album is coming out early next year - The future looks bright for this young British band.


Björn Kleinhenz

The sympatic young swedish singer songwriter Björn Kleinhenz, has made a video for the track "Better company". The tune can be found on Björn's second full length album "Trans Pony"

Last year Björn also put out a brilliant webbased EP in coorporation with our collegue over at itsatrap.com. The EP is called "Pigbone 3000". If you have not already downloaded it, please don't hesitate. It's a nice and folky piece of music.
If you for some reason can't download, The EP will also be released on music cassette in early December.

Better Company (Windows Media Video)
Pigbone 3000 (Free downloadable EP)

Yet another swedish record label - STK

Of Montreal - Video

This video has probably been linked all over the place... but I like it.

Of Montreal - 'Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games)' (.mov)


22 oktober 2005

Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt

"Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table and say that!" Big words from the country-legend Steve Earle.

Movie director Margaret Brown has made a documentary about this legend. This is the synopis from the official movie website:

"The ultimate songwriter’s songwriter, Townes Van Zandt had a profound impact on generations of musicians from Bob Dylan to Norah Jones, yet he avoided the commercial success enjoyed by many of his own fans. Billy Joe Shaver calmly stated “As far as I was concerned, he was the best songwriter that ever lived. And that’s it. Lucinda Williams called him “Too Cool to be Forgotten.” And Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Emmylou Harris have had #1 hits with his songs. Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt provides an intimate portrait of the legendary artist’s haunting music and life. Although a native Texan, Van Zandt always viewed himself as a traveler. His father, a wealthy oil man, moved the family constantly — Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois,
among other places — which accounted for Townes’ ongoing sense of restlessness. But a more tragic influence on Towne’s music came later in his life. Van Zandt, labeled as a problem child from the get-go, was given shock therapy in his early 20’s after he
fell backward from a four-story window “just to see what it felt like.” This treatment burned out all of his memories of childhood and made it difficult for him to connect to those around him for any length of time. Arguably it was this disconnect from the sources
of his most deeply-held emotions that gave his songs their melancholy, redemptive power."

The movie "Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt" is coming to theatres in North America on December 2nd. But if you are in Copenhagen on the 5th or 13th of November you can watch it at CPH:DOX.


Download songs written by Townes Van Zandt / unfortunately the download from this site is a bit slow - so - right click - and - save as :

Marie - Paul K. and the Prayers (mp3)
Sanitarium Blues - The Walkabouts and Gary Heffern (mp3)
Nothin' - Calvin Russell (mp3)
To Live's To Fly - The Cowboy Junkies (mp3)
Buckskin Stallion Blues - Mudhoney & Jimmie Dale Gilmore (mp3)
Snake Mountain Blues - The Walkabouts (mp3)
A Song For - Jonell Mosser (mp3)
Highway Kind - Lyle Lovett (mp3)


Pelle Carlberg - Closer to a hit song

This guy is not well known out of Sweden - what a shame. Pelle has just released the EP "Riverbank" and his forthcoming album "Everything. Now!" will hit the store on the 2nd of November.

He has uploaded two tracks for us to enjoy:
Go to Hell, Miss Rydell (mp3)
Oh, No! It's Happening Again (mp3)

You can also enjoy a video from "Riverbank"
Riverbank (mov)


Xfm - Elbow Podcast

UK radio station Xfm has a new feature up. Exclusive Xfm podcasts will over the next few weeks be presenting exclusive shows featuring The Rakes, Stereophonics and Nada Surf.

The first show is featuring Elbow live versions of "Leaders of The Free World", "Forget Myself" and "Station Approach" as well as an interview with front man Guy Garvey.

If you have iTunes installed on your machine - Subscribe to the Xfm podcast
If you don´t have iTunes - Listen to the Elbow show (mp3)
If you have no idea what a podcast is - educate yourself


21 oktober 2005

Gravenhurst - Video

English band Gravenhurst has a new brilliant album out "Fires In Distant Buildings". Watch the first video:

The Velvet Cell - Quicktime
The Velvet Cell - Windows Media Player

Read the Gravenhurst Studio Diary - the Making of Fires in Distant Buildings

Quio - oooh

The sexy german dj and rapper Quio debut album "Like Oooh" is produced by AGF and is a must have for those who are into artists like "Lil'Kim" and "M.I.A."

Her backround as MC to all sorts of broken beats like a like DrumnBass, UK Garage, HipHop, Grime etc. has given her the ability to (secretly) keep her lyrics so unreal.

Gliding - Feat. Lise (mp3)
Gazon Gazolina (mp3)
So Dazed (mp3)
Minimallily Dazed (mp3)


Unknown Hip Hop Can Be Cool

Check Out four rappers that might not be familier to you, but still pretty interesting to get to know.

The National

Is it a Folk band? Is it a rock band? No, it's the NYC based The National! Brilliant stuff I tell you...

Slipping Husband (mp3)
Murder Me Rachael (mp3)
Cold Girl Fever (mp3)
Wasp Nest (mp3)

Abel (Video)

The National Web

Danger Doom

Danger Doom is a co-work between the comic rapper MF Doom and producer Danger Mouse. Togther they've put out a masterpiece called The Mouse and the Mask. Ladies and gentlemen this is fucking brilliant hip hop. Check out some tunes here and visit their cool website.

20 oktober 2005

My Morning Jacket

I have just resently discovered this band, and I must say that these Kentucky guys blow me away! and why? I'll let them explain for themselves:

"We wanted to make a record that grooved and swung," James says, "but wasn't trying to imitate classic soul. We wanted to keep an aspect of what we'd always done, but also make something you could dance to or listen to while driving home. Hip-hop and soul music are unifying people right now. I wanted to incorporate that into our music; to make this really sad, mysterious kind of dance music, something that really got into your butt, but also really got into your head and made you think."

Watch a short documentary on making their new album "Z"

2 tracks from their new album: Wordless Chorus & Off The Record

Josh Ritter - Thin Blue Flame

One of my favorite singer-songwriters Josh Ritter has just wrapped up recording his new record "The Animal Years". The album will be out in spring 2006.

Until then .... listen to the tour single: The Blue Flame (mp3)


Sufjan Stevens

Enjoy Sufjan perform stripped down versions of the songs from his latest masterpiece Illinoise in the cozy studios at KCRW.

Click here

19 oktober 2005

Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures

Rogue Wave is releasing their debut album "Descended Like Vultures" on october 25th. If you liked their EP "Out Of The Shadows" you will love the new album.

This is one the best albums I have listened to all year.

Rogue wave - 10:1 (mp3)


Hybrism Records

Nada Surf

The New York band Nada Surf is one of my favorites at the moment. They just put out their brilliant new album The Weight Is A Gift which is a perfect soundtrack to the autumn. Check out their website and watch the the new video to Always Love.

Art of Fighting

Art of Fighting formed in 1995, and have played since as a three, and a four-piece band. there have been a couple of line-up changes over the years, but the band is based around guitarist and singer ollie browne, bass player and singer peggy frew, guitarist/keyboardist miles browne and current drummer marty brown. following a couple of home recorded demo tapes, some preliminary excursions into the studio, and some touring around australia, the band's first release, a mini-album entitled the very strange year, came out on half a cow records in 1998. these six songs were recorded by nick carroll.

Listen to 5 songs from Art of Fighting

4 from anticon

18 oktober 2005


Say this for AM: the man comes by his lazy roots rock sound honestly. Born in Oklahoma and raised in and around New Orleans, now living in LA. AM sings with a laid-back drawl and writes songs that rarely rise above a moderate level of emotional intensity or a cruising, middle-of-the-road tempo. A few weeks ago AM was the man who was going to wake America with his beautiful songs in the radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic.
Click here to watch the concert.

THC's Tuesday Top Three MP3

Larsen & Furious Jane

Larsen & Furious Jane is an old time favorite here on docopenhagen. They have just released their second studio album and I am pleased to say that it sounds as intelligent and emotional as I could only hope for.

Listen to one of the tracks from their new album "Tourist With A Typewriter":

The Joy of Smoking (mp3)


The Knife

Don't we all just love old women in wolf suites? Well, you definitely will after you've seen the newest The Knife video.


Calexico / Iron and Wine

The two americana bands Calexico + Iron and Wine has been working together during the last year. Finelly the result is out. A 7 track EP titled In The Reins. Listen to the first single here! A History Of Lovers

California knows how to party

A breif report from sunny CA.
Surfs up, the sun is shining.

big buhl

Tiger Lou

Listen to the brand new Tiger Lou single The Loyal here
and order the album down below. /Anbu

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Like you didn't know....B R M C is back with their theird album "HOWL"
If possible, cooler than ever!

Cool site
Cool tunes
Cool video

Tiger Lou

Rasmus Kellerman aka Tiger Lou. The fine young swede, who gave us such wicked tracks as "Sam as in Samantha" and "Horatio" will really soon release his second full length album "The Loyal". Preorder your copy of the album right now on tigerlou.com


13 & God

13 & God is one of those new super indie bands. Their first self-entitled album "13 & God" is definitely totally original and is a must have for anybody who is down with the Atincon sound - or just like experimentation and hearing something new.

13 & God - Men of Station (mp3)

17 oktober 2005

Sufjan Stevens

From its framing gimmick and its anti-folk folk songwriting to its he-has-to-be-kidding song titles and its show-offy instrumentation, Illinois should reduce to a simple stunt performance. That it's pop-art of the highest caliber, instead, cements Stevens as one of the most vital voices in music today.

Illinoise is the second instalment in Sufjan's professed aim to immortalise all 50 American States album-by-album, first impressions of this ambitious record suggest a work of such breadth it could encompass the entire Northern half of that vast country.

Once you've taken in how wonderful it sounds, it'll be time to thrill at how much of it there is, then how dense it all is. Not simply wonderful music, "Illinoise" is a collection of short stories set to song.

  • Come ON! Feels The Illionoise (part l: the Worlds Columbian Exposition + part 2: Carl Sandberg Visits Me in a Dream)
  • The Man of METROPOLIS Steals our Hears
    • Olesen-Olesen

      The danish duo Olesen-Olesen has released their sixth album Solsort og Forstærker (Blackbird and Amplifier) The album contains, as usual, a lot of melancholy and pissimistic lyrics about everyday life for singer Peter H. Olesen, but this time the band have worked more as a band which has resulted in a more electric and rockin' sound with Nikolaj Nørlund as the producer. Check out the new single Alt er Ørnsbo here

      Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

      New York's newest underground party pack Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is a band teetering on the fence of obscurity and stardom, with so much hype that even David Bowie is showing up to their gigs. Their self-titled (and self-released) debut is an album which will force even the most hardened listeners to throw in the towel.

      The perculiar nasal, sometimes allmost spastic, songstyle of frontman Alec Ounsworth, blended with obscurely beautiful pop tunes, makes this band a extremly attractive encounter.

      Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood” MP3
      Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)” MP3
      Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Web site

      London -The Docopenhagen visit

      After a cool week in London this Docopenhagen editor would like to thank some people and give a bunch of shoutouts! First off all: Wall of Sound - cool people, cool office and the perfect example that 90'ish cokeheads didn't get left behind with empty heads, shaky hands and cut up The Shamen recs. THEY STILL RULE. That their latest act is from Denmark - the lovely and talented Diefenbach, just shows how a future set A&R mind works perfectly in todays UK Indie circles.

      And lots of love from here to the main digital music zen - Scott Cohen (In the picture); managing The Raveonettes and founder of The Orchard, the worlds leading indie digital music distributor. It's no news to you dearest reader that digital music distribution is the way ahead - the new thing is to talk and react to it. Download, blog, be viral, and contribute whenever you can whereever you can. It's the Internet and gadget revolution 2.0. BABY! The Orchard is a key driver to this fantastic movement and a priceless key for all independent labels and acts. And props to The Courage for a blinding debut gig - some soulfull moments we had there. (but lads - a new site would be strongly recomended for digital survival!) Thats it, I'm out


      Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes
      , is to release a live album this November. The 15-track release, entitled Motion Sickness, features recordings from the band's I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Tour (January-April 2005) and is released via singers Conor's own Team Love label in independent stores in the US.
      The tracklisting is as follows:
      At the Bottom of Everything
      We Are Nowhere and It's Now
      Old Soul Song
      Make War
      (short version)
      Make War
      (long version)
      Landlocked Blues
      Method Acting
      Train Under Water
      When the President Talks to God
      Road to Joy
      (Feist cover)
      Southern State
      True Blue
      The Biggest Lie
      (Elliott Smith cover)
      One of my favorites, First Day Of My Life is not to be found on the album. Sad, but check out the video here


      Dark Disco is what Editors call their music. Is the massive hype on this band all it's cranked up to be? Well I, at least, think so....
      They nail the killer hookline that Interpol miss and They add that haunting sadness in the danceable grooves that Franz Ferdinand lack.
      To sum up; They F***in' ROCK!!

      Watch BULLETS


      Get your friends to be in a band with you. Write spaced out folksy psychedelic songs. Play shambolic gigs. Move in together. Practice in cellar. Find out the house is haunted. Freak out. Move out. Find a disused Victorian swimming pool. Practice there. Sound evolves into dense guitar driven rock and roll. Gigs are more frequent and less chaotic. Support And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Idlewild, play the Carling stage at Leeds. Release first single – Superfuck, record session for XFM, tour with the 80's Matchbox Beeline disaster, 1live gig broadcast on Mary Anne Hobbes show, release second single - AvsCo10, sign to Matador, record first album in own studio - First Love, EP due out in November... Ladies and Gentlemen here is Seachange


      Tract is the name of a new band from Leeds: the city of a thousand haircuts, and countless criminal misdemeanours. They're a curious, honest and passionate folk. Tract doesn’t care too much for musical fashions or trends; Tract is not a “The” band; Tract is not a tongue-in-cheek retro rock n roll outfit; Tract does not play funk; Tract is not a pose; Tract does not have delusions of grandeur; Tract simply creates its own space and fills it however it wants to. Listen to the new single, Bosh Bosh Bosh Bosh here