08 oktober 2010

Slim Whitman "Rose Marie"

26 februar 2010

Karen Elson - "The Ghost Who Walks" (Live Acoustic)

Beautiful Girl - Beautiful Song

02 juli 2009

My Pocket Guide Roskilde

Step 1: Enter a few bands you like
Step 2: Press button
Step 3: Enjoy little handy pdf pocket guide for Roskilde 09...

Very nice - http://genstart.dk/roskilde/my/

29 juni 2009

Roskilde '09 - 3 days to go

Frightened Rabbit (SCO)
Friday 03.07.09 - 19:00 - Pavilion

Frightened Rabbit is not easy to put in a box. Their latest album span from interpretations of bluegrass, over alt. folk to uptempo pop songs. A pretty weird mix, but somehow Frightened Rabbit pulled it off, and Midnight Organ Fight became one of the absolute best albums last year.

Now we get the chance to see Frightened Rabbit live in Denmark. Last time they should have played here (at Loppen in october) the concert was cancelled.

It's really frustrating to sit here and watch the entrance arm band on my left arm, knowing that I have work my ass off for 3 more days before I can use it. The next couple of days I will run through the bands that I'm going to witness on Roskilde '09. And since I'm making a mixtape for the camp, I guess I can just as well share it with you guys. Enjoy.

Roskilde '09 mp3 mixtape - part 01

Mikael Simpson – Slaar Skaar
Mikael Simpson – Medicin
Mikael Simpson – Koldt (Lulu Rouge Remix)
M. Ward - Magic Trick
M. Ward - Never had nobody like you
Fleet Foxes - Blue spotted tail (Live)
Lucinda Williams - Joy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Acoustic version)
Cut Off Your Hands - Nostalgia (Live On WOXY.com)
Cut Off Your Hands - Let’s Get Out Of Here (Live On WOXY.com)
Cut Off Your Hands - It Doesn’t Matter (Live On WOXY.com)
Cut Off Your Hands - You & I (Live On WOXY.com)
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie
Deerhoof - Kidz are so small
The Dodos - Fools
Dungen - Festival
Elbow - Ground for divorce
Elbow- The Bones of You
Elbow- On a Day Like This
Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper

The above listed MP3 files are not hosted by DoCopenhagen.


Thanks for the links friends:

26 juni 2009

Roskilde '09 countdown - 6 days to go

It's never too late for a Roskilde Countdown.

Saturday 04.07.09 - 17:00 - Pavilion

This year I'm particularly looking forward to witness Marnie Stern. If Karin Dreijer was into rock n' roll, this is what i would sound like.


More here:

http://hypem.com/search/Marnie Stern/

10 juni 2009

Pink Mountaintops

The second album from Canada's "Pink Mountain Tops" is absolutely amazing...



08 juni 2009

Dinosaur Jr.: Over It

19 maj 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event

Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event

I strongly encourage you to take a listen to the new self titled album from The Airborne Toxic Event.

After Pitchfork gave the album the historically low score 1.6 out of 10, calling it a complete ripoff of Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Interpol and the Strokes, I must admit that I completely wrote this album off. But through the last couple of weeks I've really come to like it anyway. It's not like TATE have reinvented the wheel or anything, but they've got some really nice dark and catchy tunes. And hey, the above mentioned bands aren't the worst sources of inspiration are they? And I really feel that's all it is, a source of inspiration and not a rip-off.

Furthermore they are not a bad live act at all. I took some pictures at the concert in Lille Vega a couple of weeks ago:



Make the Girl Dance

Make the Girl Dance is said to be the nex Justice. I don't know about that, but I really like this single "Baby, baby, baby".

23 april 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy

I feel like it's time to make a little Bonnie Prince Billy update. That guy is just releasing records at rocket speed isn't he? I haven't had the chance to listen to his new critically acclaimed album "Beware", but judged from the first single "I Am Goodbye" it's really promissing. As on his last album "Lie down in the light" the album is a bit more uptempo and light than the old albums "I see a darkness" etc.

Bonnie Prince Billy's duet with Indie folk singer Scout Niblett, is one of the greatiest songs so far this year. Just amazing!



21 april 2009

Jens Lekman vs. The Sweptaways

I love the new video from Jens Lekman & The Sweptaways

There's no news on if this collaboration is a one time thing or what, I guess we just have to wait and see.

06 marts 2009

Arcade Fire - Miroir Noir

Do your self a favour and download the 70 min. Arcade Fire Documentary "Miroir Noir". It's directed by the magnificent Vincent Morisset who also gave us the Interactive music video for "Neon Bible". You can download a High def version for only 13.99,- and the low res version for as little as 9,99,- A DVD is also available.